The blunder of a contestant of 'The wheel of luck' that caused her to lose all the accumulated money

'The Wheel of Luck' It has highly trained contestants, but also some who get carried away by nerves and end up making monumental mistakes derived from the tension of the moment. In the last installment of the program presented by Jorge Fernandez a young woman He ended up losing all his money due to a big mistake resulting from an oversight.

Úrsula is a young woman who brought luck in the format of Antenna 3 to take away a considerable amount of money. He started his time in the program with energy and ended up falling into the 'express' box, in which he had to run to solve the panel with a timer that limited his time. Specifically, he had hit quite a few letters and it came out like this: "Something that only comic book characters say".

The eagerness to finish the panel made him not read it well: "Something they say," he said at first, ignoring the solo. This meant losing €1,150 all at once and Jorge pointed it out: "You just had to read it." The contestant did not hide her mistake: "It's the typical thing that you say that it's not going to happen to me and it happens to me," the young woman lamented.


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