July 24, 2021

The Blue Economy Strategy of the Canary Islands will be ready at the end of the year – La Provincia

The Blue Economy Strategy of the Canary Islands will be ready at the end of the year - La Provincia

The Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of theGovernment of the Canary Islands,Pedro Ortega, assured this morning that they plan to finish theBlue Economy Strategy of the Canary Islandsat the end of the year. After the second session of the commission created to elaborate this strategy, in which the Qualitative Diagnosis for the sector in the Islands has been presented, Ortega explained that the next step will be to call the contest to elaborate it. It is a "very transversal" document, which must contain the objectives, activities, lines of action, tasks and functions of each agency and budgets for the development of theblue economy.

According to Ortega, "a photo of the sector" has been achieved, which is the basis for developing the strategy to follow. The actors that are integrated in this project are the Canarian universities, thePLOCAN, the Maritime Cluster and representatives of the ministries oftourism, Culture and Sports; Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge; Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Water; Public Works and Transportation; and Territorial Policy and Environment of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Similarly, the Minister of Economy announced that, in a second phase, the ministries ofEducationand ofjob, to adapt the educational plans and, thus, to respond to the new business opportunities that are generated around the blue economy. In particular, it is working on the development of economic activities such as naval repair, offshore wind energy, tourism associated with cetaceans, the relationship between fishing and the tourism sector, biotechnology linked to algae and maritime traffic.

TheQualitative Diagnosisof the blue economy is a much more inclusive document than the one developed by the European Union, since it has landed on the reality of the Islands, and the debate has made it possible to include numerous contributions, said Ortega.


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