July 30, 2021

The blandengues series of Apple | TV

The blandengues series of Apple | TV

Apple does not want sex, violence, weapons, drugs, pessimism or political positions in its series, according to sources from the company. The Wall Street Journal. Yes, the technological giant also prepares its own fictions as Amazon already does, as YouTube is trying to do and how Facebook will do it. No one will miss the opportunity to hook their users on their platforms with their own fictional content, avoid going to other sites to see things and face the worldwide deployment of Netflix. And he wants to achieve it being for all audiences, with the intention of not disturbing its users, lest they see a nipple of more or too much cocaine and think, "what a horror, I do not buy an iPhone anymore".

Theirs would be that each service specialize a little to offer something that others do not have, have their own personality, but, does Apple hit the soft track? Far away is that Netflix's desire to produce such churros as churros of all kinds, without any filter, to the point that in the street gives the impression that all striking series are the service of streaming. On more than one occasion I've heard (or read) questions like when Netflix releases its series of The Lord of the rings (they are prepared in Amazon) or what good that Paco León has new series in that platform (in reference to Arde Madrid, of Movistar +).

Have we gotten used to seeing everything on TV or will we appreciate a little money? At the moment, Apple is seeing how the money invested so far is not worth much. Bryan Fuller (creator of extreme series like Hannibal or American Gods), has withdrawn from its adaptation of Amazing stories because in the company of the apple they considered that his vision was too dark. And the series that reunited Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston will have to re-record to make her more optimistic. Fear gives to think what they are plotting with the adaptation of the novels of Foundation of Isaac Asimov.

Will they go from blandengues? Will there be public for so much correction seeing how the series are nowadays? In the end the money will decide everything, but, for now, you will not see a Game of Thrones not a Narcos in Apple.


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