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The black novel revelation that catches you from the first page - The Province

The black novel revelation that catches you from the first page - The Province

If some author has marked the childhood of thousands of Spaniards, that has undoubtedly been Jordi Sierra I Fabra, one of the best selling children and youth writers in our country. For years, this writer has entered a world almost new to him: that of the black novel. Up to ten titles he has published telling the stories lived during the Civil War and the Spanish postwar period of the inspector Miquel Mascarell. An agent that thousands of readers have already taken care of and whose new deliveries are increasingly expected.

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On this occasion Sierra I Fabra presents the tenth installment of this interesting series, easy to read and more than appropriate for lovers of the crime novel, one of the genres that has grown the most in recent years in terms of number of followers refers. The book (which came out on April 4 for sale), has 320 pages and tells a story that took place in 1951.

The protagonist of Mascarell is shared this time with David Fortunity, a detective friend of the creator of the story who asks him for help to solve three cases that have been commissioned. Miquel (as he does almost at the beginning of each novel), refuses "he does not want more trouble but a few days later the detective is the victim of an attack which survives leaving him in a coma and the republican ex-policeman has no choice but to get back on track to prevent the killer from consuming his work and killing Fortuny. " The new book is titled "A day of September and some of October".

Mascarell has gone through a lot over the past ten years. The only consolation he has found after losing his entire family as a result of the war and a disease is having crossed (in the first and masterful novel of this saga) with a prostitute old friend of hers who ends up in love and who ends up giving him a son that makes, little by little, the desire to live again.

Sierra I Fabra masterfully narrates how people lived in Spain destroyed by the Franco regime. Mascarell survives despite comments from neighbors and how difficult it is to get ahead with an old neighborhood haberdashery. It is worth stopping in this tenth of the saga that surely gives us good times this spring. A book to put in the suitcase.


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