The Black and Rainbow Letters protagonists of two cycles of the Book Fair this Thursday

Moha gerehou

Moha gerehou
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The Black and Rainbow Letters will star in two cycles of the Book Fair of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with works of African and LGTBI literature, a cycle that always completes its capacity and that this time is aimed at the youngest. It will be from October 7 to 12 at the Parque de Santa Catalina and the Elder Museum, venues for this 33rd edition of the capital literary event, the one with the most presentations in its history.

The Book Fair of the capital of Gran Canaria will offer 177 presentations in the General, Children's, Youth and Canarian Literature Spaces, that include the Letters to Point blank cycles, with unknown authors and brilliant works, and those related to the African continent and the LGTBI reality.

They will participate in the cycle Letras Negras Aurora Moreno, 2020 Essay House Africa Award on Friday, October 8 and on Saturday, Najat El Hachmi, Nadal Prize winner, will do so with 'On Monday they will love us', a revealing story about the importance of women taking the lead in their own lives.

Moha Gerehou will present the book on Sunday 'What is a black man like you doing in a place like this?', A powerful testimony that begins with the phrase: "For a long time I hated myself for being black" and that will bring the public closer to the racism that also exists in Spain and of what way conditions people.

Dagauh Koniman, author of 'The Sahel and the SDGs', will present his work on Monday with his approach to security and sustainable development with a regional perspective.

In addition, the Casa África institutional booth will exhibit the entire collection of its media library, and although it cannot commercialize the works, it will be available in the booths of the bookstores participating in the meeting.

As for the Rainbow literature, it occupies the closing of the Youth Space days with a work every day except Tuesday, which will host the presentation of two.

Selena Milan's 'Transparencies' is the book selected for the opening day, on Thursday, October 7, with the aim of remembering the youngest that they have not come to this world to suffer, but to live their identity fully, while the turn of 'History of affections', by Noemi Pérez and Daniasa Curbelo, is reserved for Friday.

On Saturday it will host the play 'Gay intelligence emotional: more resilient than we think', by Gabriel J. Martín, a who on Sunday will take the witness Óscar Hernández Campano with his '50 years are nothing ', the continuation of the book' El viaje de Marcos', who discovered his homosexuality in the summer of 70, lived an immortal love and knew intolerance and hate. Now it continues its story in a context in which some achievements of the last half century are still in doubt.

On Monday, young audiences will have the opportunity to get to know 'Mayo del 45', a book by Boti García Rodrigo, while on Tuesday, in double session, they will get to know 'Landscape Begoña', by Ismael Lozano, and 'Puto amor', by Malbert , which welcomes the wonderful world of love misfortunes.

The Book Fair of the capital of Gran Canaria and the institutions that support the event, Casa África, the City Council of the capital of Gran Canaria, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Canarian Government, consider that literature is an invaluable vehicle to delve into topics such as environment, equality and all those in which it is necessary to generate a special sensitivity in society, especially those related to its own diversity.


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