The bitter ‘recadito’ from Lewis Hamilton to … Fernando Alonso?

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, during a press conference.

Lewis hamilton recently remembered in an interview in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ one of the racist episodes that he lived in a moment of his life. Specifically, he spoke about what happened in Spain after the turmoil 2007 that he shared with Fernando Alonso in the ranks of Mclaren.

The British rider recalled the 2008 preseason winter tests held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Montmeló. “I remember the first year I got into this sport and experienced racism of this crowd and nobody said anything ”, he assured.

Those days, on the Catalan track, there were Spanish fans who dedicated themselves to “insulting me and booing me” every time he came out of the pits on the Barcelona circuit. Fans who went with the para painted black and some T-shirts that could read ‘Hamilton Family’.

I had achieved my dream, but I was not happy. It couldn’t be me and at the time I didn’t have confidence in myself, so I kept quiet. We repress so much that we do not realize the pain we are experiencing, ”continued the seven-time world champion.

Silence in the paddock

Hamilton also emphasized the silence that some members of the paddock kept. Without saying names that yes. “There were people who did not say anything and remained silent, people who are still in the Formula 1”He accused. Are you referring, among others, to Fernando Alonso?


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