The bishops will fight in the street against the extension of the abortion law

"Give a step forward". The Spanish bishops, egged on by the ultra-conservative sectors of Spanish Catholicism, are ready to take to the streets again against a socialist government. If in 2005 they already did it against same-sex marriage and Education for Citizenship, now they plan to do the same by expanding the Abortion Law, whose bill passed this Tuesday the process of the Council of Ministers.

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Although officially the Episcopal Conference (CEE) will not organize any demonstration, it will encourage their participation, along the lines of "a mobilization of conscience and action in favor of life", as the spokesperson for the CEE, Luis Arguello. An Argüello who, a few minutes after the approval of the draft law, issued a statement, on behalf of the Spanish Church, in which he stressed that "defending and promoting life" is "one of the red lines that express moral health, the hope of a people.

A few words that were endorsed by the Cardinal of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, who denounced: "We are on the verge of promoting a law that is even more contrary to life." "Let us not resign ourselves to iniquitous laws," requested Cañizares, who encouraged "defend the family, which is born of life, where life grows and life is protected."

In what to date is the only official declaration of the Episcopal Conference, its secretary general maintained that "the advances of science allow us to affirm with all force that within a pregnant woman there is a new life that must be cared for. , welcome, defend”.

“It seems to us bad news that today the Government has approved a bill where the right to abortion continues to be affirmed, the right of the strong over the weak, when it comes to eliminating a new and different life that exists within the mother", cried Argüello, who stressed that "it is important that, as a society, as a Church too, we take a step forward in the proposal of a new life, in welcoming the new life, in supporting pregnant mothers who suffer any type of difficulty that could cast doubt on the viability of her pregnancy”.

Because, concluded Argüello, "a society that defends life from the mother's womb through all the vicissitudes of life, until the final moment of death, also welcomed as a phenomenon that is part of existence, shows the moral health of a society and the hope to build a future for the common good”.

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