The bishops beat a new record and exceed 300 million in collection through Income

The bishops can do anything. They are not affected by abuse scandals, the economic crisis, or the impact of the coronavirus. Or at least that is what the last Income campaign indicates, carried out in full confinement by the first wave, which produced spectacular data: for the first time in history the Church exceeded the barrier of 300 million euros. Specifically, 301.07 million, 16.6 more than in 2019, when the record was already broken with 284.42 million.

According to the figures offered by the Episcopal Conference, there are a total of 8.5 million declarations (between individual and joint), with an average of 35 euros per taxpayer. 106,259 new declarations with respect to the past year.

32.15 percent of Spaniards marked the ‘X’ of the Church (either alone, or together with that of ‘Other Purposes of Social Interest’), which has experienced a spectacular progression in the last four years. Thus, while between 2008 (when the new model begins, which gives the Church 0.7% and not the previous 0.52%) and 2016 the figure is around 240-250 million euros. From there, there was growth: 256 in 2017; 267 in 2018; 284 in 2019 and 301 in 2020, with an increase of 5.85% compared to 2019.

The euphoria is clear among the economic leaders of the Episcopal Conference, who emphasize that “the income campaign took place coinciding with the hardest months of the first wave of the pandemic and with the Church’s effort to multiply its presence and its attention to the most affected groups “.

The amount collected in favor of the Church grows in all the autonomous communities and in 13 of them there is also a rise in the number of taxpayers who mark the X. The number of declarations increases especially, in Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and the Valencian Community. On the contrary, the Basque Country registers the greatest decrease.

The regions where the highest percentage of people decide to collaborate with the X in the Income Declaration to support the Church are Castilla-La Mancha (45.18%), La Rioja (44.77%), Extremadura (44.03% ), Murcia (43.68%) and Castilla y León (42.3%). At the other extreme, the Canary Islands (25.6%), Galicia (24.7%) and Catalonia (16.9%) have the lowest allocation rates.

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