The bishopric of Cádiz separates a parish priest for pretending to be a priest for 20 years | Society

The bishopric of Cádiz separates a parish priest for pretending to be a priest for 20 years | Society

He said goodbyeor saying that he came backía to Colombia. That was the excuse that the Colombian Miguel TOAngel Ibarra gave, on December 13, to explain his hasty march of the town of Medina Sidonia gaditana. But the reality is that the bishopric of Ctodiz had just dismissed him after discovering "that there was noíI have never been ordained a priest", secorn has now recognized the institutionorn.

Ibarra arrivedor to Ctodiz in october 2017, coming from the archidiorColombian cesis Santa Fe de Antioquia. As has happened with mtos priests coming from other diorcesis and países, the Colombian arrivedor to occupy positions of responsibility in Cadiz parishes, within the framework of aíC intensified transfer policytodiz since Rafael Zornoza acceded to the office of bishop. "The alleged priest presentedor in the diorcesis all the documentationorn required in these cases. Also, previously, this person hadíhas exercised the ministry in several diorColombian cesis", justifies the bishopric of Cadiz.

Miguel TOAngel Ibarra was first assigned to Jimena de la Frontera and, since September of this year,ñor, it was ptoROCCO in the churches of Santa Maríto La Coronada and Santiago Aporstol de Medina. Allí he was when the archdioorcesis colombiana alertor that, after "a complaint of falsehood in your order documentsorn"-secorn explains the bishopric-hab communiquéíhave come to the conclusionorn that said appointment had never beenía produced. The same díto that communicationorn, on December 13, the dayorcesis de Ctodiz apartor to the man of his responsibilities.

Although the bishopric removed himor of his parish destiny ten days agoíSo, it was not until yesterday afternoon when I admittedor what happened in a statement on its website. The institutionorn gaditana has only broken the silence afterands that the means of communicationorColombian n NoticCaracol has spread the supposed falsehood of the priesthood of Ibarra in an informationorn this past Friday. The man was practicing as a priest since January 4, 1998, when, as he claimed, he was ordained by the then archbishop of Tunja, Augusto Trujillo Arango, in his private chapel. In 2011, the Colombian pasor to be incardinated in the archidiorcesis de Santa Fe.

Once removed from the diorcesis de Ctodiz, Ibarra will haveto to respond now to that archdiocese. The IinstitutionorColombian has informed his manorloga espanañwave that Ibarra will haveto to appear before the bishop Orlando Antonio Corrales, archbishop of Santa Fe and Antioquia. The alleged priest, whose whereabouts are unknown at this time, has told EL PAÍIt's your intentionorn to attend this appointment "escortña lawyer".

"The first thing to doand beto have an interview with the archbishop to listen to me and provide the documents that support me, along with a witness who was present at my ordinationorpriestly", has pointed out in a conversationorn víto message. Ibarra has lamented "the givesñor moral and psychoorso serious" that the diffusionorn the case has provoked him. However, he preferred to keep quiet about his versionorn of the facts and the evidence that they claim to protect him.

The bishopric of Ctodiz has "regretted" what happened when you understand that you can overshadow the work of other priests "duly ordered. Additiontos, has claimed to have initiated an investigationorntos to work in "the repairorn the consequences "that could have caused the actorn of this person". If the falsification of your order is confirmedorn, marriages and baptisms taught by Ibarra during this timeton to be ilícites, although continueton being vtolidos for the Church.

That implies that all these sacraments followíare still fully effective for the diorcesis de Ctodiz It is not the same with the eucaristías, penances or unciorn of the sick - the usual pastoral work of a priest - to passíto be not vtolidas, such as clarifyingor in his díto the ArchidiorCesis of Seville to be involved in a similar case in May 2012. However, since the bishopric has not been specifiedand occurto in case the falsity of Ibarra's priesthood is confirmed.


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