The Bishop of Cartagena moves a case of pedophilia to the Prosecutor's Office | Society

The Diocese of Cartagena-Murcia on Thursday transferred to the Office of the Children's Prosecutor a case of abuses pedophilia committed by a religious against a minor in Argentina, according to a statement from today's bishopric. For the moment, the episcopate has not detailed the exact place of the facts and the date.

The bishop, José Manuel Lorca, He ordered the judicial vicar of the diocese to initiate an investigation as soon as he learned of the facts and to take precautionary measures against the accused. The religious, with the initials E. A. H. V., is a professor at the Institute of Diocesan Law of Our Lady of Light (Saint Angel, Murcia).

"Regardless of whether these alleged facts have been committed in Argentina, the Diocese of Cartagena will always act in the face of these execrable crimes," the press release states. The bishopric recalls the obligation to communicate these cases to the ordinary courts as ordered by the Penal Code and adds the commitment of the diocese with the "zero tolerance" that Pope Francis preaches. Lorca also thanked the collaboration of the superior of the educational center for the case to come to light and be communicated to the courts.


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