The Bishop of Alcalá accuses the Government of "censure god" during a tribute to the ‘martyrs’ of Paracuellos

He has done it again. As usual in mid-November, the controversial bishop of Alcalá, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, presided over a mass on Sunday in memory of the martyrs of Paracuellos, in which he took the opportunity to attack the “iron censorship of God” of the coalition government . Before hundreds of faithful he denounced “a long process of induced secularization” of “official Spain”, the “forgetting of God in public institutions and in most of the media.”

In its homily, the prelate denounced how, “seeing the current situation in Spain and the Catholic Church itself, some are tempted to think that the blood shed by our martyrs was useless.” He did not stop there: “In the same way, the dignity and sacredness of human life is not respected, the identity of marriage has been upset in our civil law and the great good of the Christian family has been undermined. Spain is experiencing a severe demographic winter and, what is more serious, certain recent laws dare to call what is a crime or a nefarious crime a right: abortion and euthanasia, “proclaimed Reig Pla, who insisted on the mantras of the ultra-Catholic sectors, which have already reproduced these stereotypes in the recent congress of the Catholic Association of Propagandists, and that breathe the purest aroma of institutions such as Hazte Oír or El Yunque.

“Not content with these outrages, for decades our hegemonic culture has been fostering what has come to be called the ‘deconstruction of the human’ with an individualistic way of thinking and living, anchored in moral relativism and nihilism”, which is translated, according to the prelate, in “the eclipse of God and his censorship in public spheres”, largely directed “by the thought police that promotes the ‘politically correct'”, he pointed out in the purest style of ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

“A unique thought is disseminated in educational plans, in cultural manifestations and in communication platforms to the dictation of a social engineering agenda designed by the highest international organizations,” added the Bishop of Alcalá, who invited “to become aware that in the events that we are living in our time and in its concrete circumstances, the forces of evil that come upon us with the threat of their evil power are also present. It would be necessary to be unconscious and blind not to see how strong it is! evil in human history! “

“With this,” Reig stressed, “I am not just referring to the world wars of the last century or the events that took place in our land that also caused the death of so many innocents, among which our martyrs stand out. I am referring in a special way to the moment that has us we have lived, to the ‘now’ of the history of Spain. The presence of evil is so strong, the death of so many innocents, that some are tempted to think that everything is heading towards a perverse end “, he concluded.

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