The biologist Earle urges to make peace with nature to save the planet

The biologist Earle urges to make peace with nature to save the planet

The American oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Princess of Asturias Award of Concord 2018, has assured today that now is the "optimal moment" to make peace with nature and reverse the current "war against the sea" to save the ocean, "the engine of the climate of our blue planet ".

In her speech at the ceremony to award the Princess of Asturias Awards, held at the Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo, the one known as "the lady of the depths" stressed that "there will never be a better opportunity to act".

"Now that we are still on time," stressed Earle, who in 1988 was named "Hero of the planet" by the American magazine "Time" and today, from Oviedo, affects his crusade to raise awareness that the planet blue should be kept intact as in the image "Earthise", the famous snapshot that took the astronaut William Anders during the mission of Apollo 8 to the Moon in 1968.

The researcher of the seabed has ensured that the actions taken in the next ten years will determine the future of the planet for the next 10,000 and has pointed out that depending on the determinations that are dictated, we will be judged by our children.

"We have never before known what is known now about our absolute dependence on the natural world to make our existence possible," said Earle, who once again denounced that "millions of tons of garbage are still being thrown into the ocean. the change in the chemistry of the sea. "

The marine biologist has said that everyone "is connected to the sea through every inspiration that is made, through every drop of water that is drunk, even those who have never seen or touched the ocean are being constantly touched by the ocean."

"The ocean is the cornerstone of our life support system, with no ocean, no life, no blue, no green, an ocean with problems means we have problems," he stressed.

Earle has criticized that there are still people who believe that the universe revolves around the earth "or perhaps around his own person" and has said that the great explorations did not end with the exploits of Portuguese and Spaniards, discoverers of the oceans and new worlds .

"The biggest of the explorations is just beginning!" Most of the ocean has never been seen, much less been explored.We now know that the ocean is the engine of weather and weather, generates most of the oxygen in the atmosphere, it absorbs much of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, induces the chemistry of the planet and is home to most of life on Earth, "he said.

However, he pointed out that the technological advance is being used to "wage a war against the sea, to capture marine fauna on an unprecedented scale".

"Today, fish have nowhere to hide, not even in the high seas or in the deep seas, nor in the polar seas," lamented this veteran explorer of the oceans.

At 83 years old, Earle, who has remembered the obstacles she had to dedicate herself to science because of her condition as a woman, has stressed that for the first time in history the real damages that are being done to the earth and, above all, are known. , the way to "heal the damage".

"We must make peace with nature, a fundamental key to making peace between ourselves," said the marine biologist with more than one hundred expeditions carried out all over the world and more than 7,000 hours of diving in her research.


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