June 21, 2021

The biggest fashion event in the country is now happening in Valencia

The majestic City of the Arts is adorned with carpets to receive great national talents that promise to promote their work in love with the spectators.

The first edition of the Clec Fashion Festival It means a very big step for the promotion of talent in Valencia, a city full of art that since this February promises to celebrate every year an ambitious multidisciplinary event in which fashion is mixed with other sectors, in this way commitment to mark a new trend in events within the city.

What can you enjoy in the Glec?

Exclusive parades of great designers and new designers, show cooking of important chefs in the area who will be inspired by exclusive fashion designs to create their dishes. “Fashion talks” to address all those fashion issues that today worry and cause controversies such as the sense of masculinity in new trends. Demonstrations of beauty and musical spaces to close the conference.

Without a doubt, this initiative of the Association of Valencian Fashion Designers (DIMOVA), led by Miquel Suay and supported by the Valencia City Council, is fresh and innovative, offers a 360º experience to fashionistas and will awaken the sensibility of all who can enjoy it. The biggest test is the number with which the festival was inaugurated, “The Iceberg of Greta”, a dance directed by the dancer Cristina Cabo, who invited the reflection of an ephemeral and unchanging reality if we continue to wait for passive global solutions.

An unforgettable experience where you can look and a great opportunity to promote national talent, well points the Chef Miguel Ángel Mayor: “Anything that promotes culture and talent here is fine, hopefully it is repeated.” The chef participated in a cooking show inspired by the swimsuits designed by Dolores Cortés and both say that from the beginning they got excited about the idea and could easily carry it out because of the understanding they achieved.

Pains he is happy that Miguel Angel He has been able to perfectly capture the essence of his work on a plate and that it has also been so good. Both are surprised with their talent and it is not for less, all the guests of the event have a high level and continue to impact at each exit, in each new demonstration.

The event runs from 11h this Friday 21 until the end of Saturday in the Hemisfèric of the City of the Arts. By being inspired by a model of music festival, totally inclusive, you could purchase the access bracelets through the event website for a low cost and with this pass, attend all the Clec shows.


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