The big market that wants to conquer Correos: there spend 50,000 million packages a year – La Provincia

Get thatPostbe profitable in the shortest possible time is the priority objective of the postmaster,Juan Manuel Serrano, who explained this morning the main strategic lines of the company with a view to the immediate future. These guidelines go throughthe expansion of Correos through the Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal) and Southeast Asia.

One of the services that Correos hopes to launch this year isdelivery of any package in the Iberian Peninsula in less than 24 hours. In addition, the company trusts to sign the regulatory contract of the Plan of Provision of Postal Services, which would establish a sufficient and stable funding for the Universal Postal Service (SPU), of a public nature and for which Correos receives a consideration from the State estimated this year in 150 million euros, representing 7.6 percent of the net amount of the expected turnover, which amounts to 1,966 million (10 percent more than last year).

Correos intends to start a new stage of international growthand improvement of its income, with the aim of achieving profitability, as explained by Serrano during an informative breakfast held at the headquarters of CorreosLabs (innovation and entrepreneurship center), in Madrid.

The president of Correos has announced the creation of the International Business Commission, with the aim of initiating its expansion abroad."We need to grow internationally," said Serrano,which has cited Southeast Asia as "one of the main points of origin of the parcel worldwide, with an increasing volume",about 50,000 million packages per year last year.

In the closest environment, the strategy begins with serving the peninsula with "the most efficient parcel network"Serrano has indicated that Correos should bea "useful service for citizens, but also for Spanish companies". In this regard, he stressed that the company aims to be a "strategic ally of SMEs in their internalization processes, helping them to increase their online business and taking their goods where they need to continue growing."

"Rampa 7 Project" is another initiative that Correos will launch this year. It will be a logistics center to improve efficiency in the management of merchandise and parcels at the Barajas airport. The actions have already begun and the works will begin in the middle of the year, with the idea that it will work by the end of 2020.

Serrano stressed thatCorreos sum 2,396 offices, a network that continues to be "one of its most important pillars" of the company, since it allows it to be "close to the citizens".

In this regard, he stressed that Correos intends to continuea different path than other companies have taken,like the banks, which are closing offices. Correos will follow the "counter strategy" and will try to take advantage of its presence throughout Spain. In addition, in recent months Correos is increasing the services it provides in the offices, such as the collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), which has allowed citizens to acquire more than one million environmental marks in the offices of the company. "Everything that Public Administrations or private companies want to do, we can assume," Serrano announced. In fact,Correos already negotiates with town halls, autonomous communities and departments of the Central Administrationthe possibility of providing services.

Achieving "sufficient and stable funding" for the SPU is another key point for Correos in this new stage. At present, the European Commission is reviewing the methodology for calculating the net cost proposed by the Ministry of Public Works. Serrano trusts that Brussels will give "green light" to the Spanish proposal. Once that regular contract between the Government and the Post Office is signed, the company will have the capacity to undertake its future "with greater security and confidence", with the certainty of "stable income stipulated according to the European framework.

Serrano drewan optimistic horizon for the company thanks to the "social peace" reached inl last December after the agreement reached with CC OO, UGT, CSIF and Free Trade Union. A situation that contrasts with the "inheritance received" from the previous PP government: no labor agreement since 2013 and 11,200 employees in a situation of labor instability. Correos adds more than 52,000 employees.


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