October 31, 2020

The big European exchanges hardly register changes after the opening

European stock markets barely registered any changes after the opening compared to the close of the day before, despite the rise in the price of oil and Wall Street on Tuesday, according to market data.

At 7.15 GMT, the falls of 0.31% in Paris stood out; from Madrid, 0.19%; from London, 0.16%, and from Milan, 0.01%. The Euro Stoxx 50 index rose 0.18%; Zurich, 0.1%, and Frankfurt, 0.04%.

The Wall Street rise the day before (the Dow Jones index gained 0.85%; the S&P 500, 1.54%, and the Nasdaq, 1.87%) did not resolve the initial doubts of the European markets.

The rebound in the price of a barrel of oil did not help either (Brent crude, a benchmark in Europe, rose 2% and was changed to $ 42.1).

Investors, who will be awaiting this day the publication of the data on manufacturing activity in many European countries and whether the United Kingdom requests an extension to materialize Brexit from the end of the year, have not taken into account some statistics published in Asia.

Manufacturing activity improved last month in China (Caixin), which continues in expansive terrain, and in Japan, but with a slight rebound that shows the weakness of its export sector, with which Tokyo ended with a fall of 0.75% , while Shanghai rose 1.38% (Hong Kong closed for a holiday).

The indecision of the squares of the Old Continent coincided with the slight fall of the US futures, which at this time dropped 0.2%, while the price of the euro remained at the levels of Tuesday’s close, at $ 1,123.

The yield on German long-term debt rose two hundredths to 0.44%.


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