The Bestial Race revalidates its success and reaches 1,800 runners - La Provincia

The Bestial Race revalidates its success and reaches 1,800 runners - La Provincia

The Counselor of the Ministry of sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Óliver Armas, the tourism councilor of the insular corporation, Inés Jiménez; the mayor of Arucas, Juan Jesús Facundo and the organizer of the event, Alfredo López, presented this morning the fifth edition of the Bestial Race mountain race held in this municipality in the north of Gran Canaria.

This race has experienced a considerable increase in registrations each edition. If the 2017 edition the participation was about 1,600 runners, this year already reaches 1,800 participants. The success of this test has allowed corridors coming from of more than 27 European and American nationalities.

Óliver Armas said that "this is a very tough test, but that has not prevented the number of participants from increasing year by year." This makes clear the quality of the race and how hard the course is, in the sports area of ​​Barranco de Barreto and in Lomo Riquiánez, a privileged enclave, with a wooded landscape, that allows the realization of this type of race since it is surrounded by mountainous and steep roads ".

The Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Inés Jiménez, explained that "the Bestial Race is integrated into Gran Canaria's promotional strategy, since it is a consolidated test that allows the Island to be positioned internationally as a destination in which to practice Outdoor sports throughout the year, especially during the winter season. " The Minister of Tourism emphasized that "while in Europe low temperatures are raging, next weekend in Arucas is expected to enjoy a temperature that will be around 24 degrees."

The mayor of Arucas, Juan Jesus Facundo, was satisfied with the celebration for the fifth consecutive year of a test of these characteristics and highlighted that "it is already a very consolidated race in the municipality and that in turn strengthens Arucas as a brand within of Gran Canaria European Sports Island, it also allows the municipality to be placed on the world map of mountain races and to welcome thousands of runners and other fans who will be able to know everything that Arucas can offer. "

This edition of the Bestial Race will be held on two days, December 7 and 8, and not in one as they have been the usual, due, fundamentally to the incorporation of a new modality, the H2H. It is a duel-type competition with a track of approximately 400 meters that includes a minimum of 10 obstacles.

As in previous editions, the Bestial Race has two groups of competitions, competitive and non-competitive. The first ones score for the championships of Spain, Europe and the World and they are the Bestial Elite, which is 12 kilometers long and with a minimum of 25 obstacles, and the Bestial Starter. The non-competitive ones are the Bestial Hell with a route of 6 kilometers and a minimum of 25 obstacles and the Bestial Trex with a route of 12 kilometers and a minimum of 35 obstacles.

For his part, Alfredo López said that "they are all willing to face themselves and measure their own strengths." This is a test in which participants face elements such as mud, water, stones, wood, ropes, dirt and asphalt tracks that cross your path in the form of obstacles that test your mental and physical strength ".


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