Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

the best vaccine for not returning to the past is a feminist republic

the best vaccine for not returning to the past is a feminist republic

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has warned today that in Spain there is "a reaction movement" to the women's revolution and, in that scenario, has considered that the "best vaccine for not returning to the past" is a new feminist republic.

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Churches, which has closed the day "Spain: Feminism, Republic and Democracy", alternative to the official commemorations of Constitution Day, has indicated that if it assumes the hypothesis that the monarchy served not to give a coup d'etat , "corresponds to give thanks" but in 2018 the question is: "Now what is it for? What is its function?".

The leader of Podemos has explained that the idea of ​​a republic that defends its formation appeals to "the values ​​of feminism, which are permeating everything" and has stressed that it is precisely the women's revolution that is putting on the table the Social issue.

"It is not the class unions that fight for equality but the feminist movement, which gave a lesson in the general strike of March 8," he said.

He also said that in the face of the patriotism of the flags, the feminist movement is putting on the table a type of republican patriotism, "which does not allow replacing one flag with another, but raises the patriotism of things to eat."

As an example, Iglesias has referred to the movement "Sister, I do believe you", which spread on social networks in support of the victim of La Manada, in which there were no flags "out in Barcelona, ​​Donosti, Madrid or Seville. "


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