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The world ofsocial networksit advances at breakneck speed. What is now a trend in a few years or months could already be replaced by something new. Therefore, for many it is difficult to stay up to date and follow therhythm normally set by teenagersand young people in this field.

In recent months the social networkTikTokhas unleashed areal fever for short videos.So much so thatthe application has outperformedFacebookalreadyInstagramin number of downloads. The tool offers numerous effects and filters that allow you to give a very original and fun touch to our videos. But, in order to get the most out of the fashion app, we need to know the secrets behind it.

To help you get started on TikTok, we have put together in this article five tricks to put into practice and improve our skills:

Use transitions
Transitions are a widely used TikTok tool that brings dynamism to our videos. These are gestures that are used in the background to make changes to shots.

Mix several filters in the same video
TikTok offers the possibility of using different filters in the same video. Thus, we can achieve the effect that half a screen is colored and the other in grayscale, for example. To do this, we can put a filter and start recording by pressing and holding the button with that function. Then we stop recording, change the filter and record again. Thus, we will achieve effects that will give us a lot of play.


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? original sound – francallejon

Play with the zoom
To give a feeling ofinstability, joy or lack of controlAmong others, we can use sudden changes in the zoom. For example, if we want to transmit the frenzy experienced in a fun party, we can increase and decrease the focal length to the rhythm of the music. To achieve this, we must press the record button and, without lifting it, slide from top to bottom.

Talk to yourself


##duoavec @cashandmav

? You sure you wanna do this? – min.jtp

One of the most original tricks that the fashion application has popularized has been that of the videos in which you can see a person talking to himself. Thus, the viewer will see the same person in two places at the same time and at the same time. To achieve this, we must first record a clip with TikTok and publish it privately. Then, press on the icon of the three dots to open the video menu and select the‘Duo’ option. We must then choose the specific part of the clip where to apply the effect. We will do it successively, applying the video-by-video filter until continuous reproduction is achieved.

Take advantage of different speeds

Who said that a video should have the same speed? In TikTok it is allowed and it is fun to alter the speed of the same clip. So we canstart in slow motion and then go into fast motionto finish again at a slower speed. It is important that it has a meaning and that it serves to emphasize something or convey a specific feeling. To carry it out, we press the record button and we move the speed bar.

(Extra ball) React that it is fashionable

Another of the functions that this app allows and that is causing a furor is that ofreact to content from other users.This is a duo-like action, but the format is not the same. Thus, the video to which we react will be seen as the main one and ours will appear in one of the upper corners. To achieve this, we access the video to which we want to react and press the ‘Share’ key and then ‘React’. Thus, a screen will open in whichYou can record with your video in small and the other as main.


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