October 24, 2020

The best tricks that Marie Kondo teaches in her series

The best tricks that Marie Kondo teaches in her series

At 34, the JapaneseMarie KondoShe has become one of the most sought after women on the Internet and on social networks during the past weeks. This woman, who has just released a new series inNetflix, has become a phenomenon for its advice tomaintain order in homes.She is the queen of the domestic ordination.

From a very young age he became obsessed with this discipline.Books and guideson this subject they began to be in their bedside table, until becoming an obsession that now puts in knowledge of all the one that wants to see his indications.

Her final year project, a consultancy job, writing a book … everything Kondo has donefocused on order. Only the arrival of his two daughters has managed to destabilize, in a certain way, his obsession, realizing that he is capable of allowing a certain disorder.

What we like most, in view

Thetips to keep life organizedthat the Japanese raises through its series, as 'Instyle' points, are the following:

1-Undo or move away the elements that do not make you happy, as well asput in first line those that do.

2-In the drawers, store the clothes invertical stretched rolls that leave everything in sight, as if it were a folder file, so you do not have to touch anything else when you get what you want.

3-That clothing should be, in turn, put into boxes that, previously, we have lined with paper that causes us joy. Those clothes, in addition, should beordered by colors, so that it is easier to find and combine it when we put it on.

4-The food should also be ordered, in this case, by categories. In this sense,putting labels in the pantry is fundamental. In the same way, it is important to keep the refrigerator tidy. Thus, we will eat in a more balanced way and, above all, have an impact onbest recipes, since we will always know what we have.

Mind ordered

5-According to Marie Kondo,an orderly house helps an orderly head. Therefore, it is vital to have thebooks, discs and other series ofobjectswell classified, so that our head will automatically go to the place where we have assigned it, remembering its chapters or songs and everything that we found more striking. Those ideas that we liked, will bring usharmony and calmby directing our eyes there.

6-Throw away everything we no longer like, helpa more harmonious space, getting that the cabinets, drawers and shelves are less recharged.Minimalism helps a better feeling.

A list always at hand

7-In regard to mental order, the Japanese emphasizes the importance of keeping your head clear. For this, we must write down on a paper -which we will have at hand- thosepending things to do and those already made.Thus, it is not necessary to force the mind to retain it, and to be simpler to establish and fulfill the objectives.

Other tips

To carry out these guidelines, Marie Kondo advises that the new order to be established is based on a premise:empty. Both the cupboards, especially the first time, asthe fridge, weekly, it is convenient to leave it empty and startput what is necessary after.

In the fridge, thetuppersthey should be well closed and berectangular or square, since they adapt better to the space. Alsoin the refrigerator it is convenient to have a list, both with what is missing and with what is in excess.

Without leaving the area of ​​the kitchen, Kondo considers a good place to eat, comfortable and cozy, also essential. To do this, it recommends thattablecloths and napkins are made of fabric and colors. Something simple in what, perhaps, few people fall, but that, apparently, helps enrich and make more pleasant that moment.

Now it is to see if this new guru has come to stay or go with the same speed with which it has become an authentic phenomenon.


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