April 13, 2021

the best tips to save on heating

the best tips to save on heating


The temperatures will fall again this weekend in most of our country. Faced with this new cold wave, Spanish families will resort to turning on the heating of natural or central gas or stoves with the consequent increase of the expense in the receipt of gas or electricity. To obtain save and lower the bill, we collect the best advice of the experts in consumption and energy.

1. About 21 degrees are enough. In the Energy Guide of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) the 21 grades are recommended as the optimal temperature to heat the house. You have to be careful when uploading it since each additional grade implies an expense of 35 euros per year.

2. Thermostatic valves. From the Consumers Organization (OCU) recommend installing several thermostatic valves for regulate the temperature in each room of the house. In this line, it is also necessary to close the radiators that are not used and also to cover them when using them as clotheslines.

3. Turn off the heating at night. Saving experts say that the most efficient thing is to completely turn off the heating at night to turn it on again early in the morning. When leaving the house, it is best to lower the temperature to 15 degrees and raise it again when you return.

4. Isolate the house well. The acclimatization of the home includes actions such as Seal doors and windows, insulate attics and protect pipes so that they do not freeze and cost more time and money the process of heating the water.

5. Thermal bond. The Ministry for the Ecological Transition will pay in the next weeks a help to pay the heating and the hot water to the beneficiaries of the social bond of the light. In the draft General State Budgets for 2019, a consignment of 80 million euros is scheduled to pay the thermal bond, whose minimum amount is 25 euros and which depends on the degree of vulnerability of the household and the climatic fringe in which it is located.

6. Biomass boiler. In IDAE they recommend changing the biomass boiler, especially for old coal boilers, because it works with a cheaper and more ecological fuel than conventional. "Biomass is an excellent option for its combination with solar thermal energy for production of hot water, heating and air conditioning," as extracted from the Energy Guide of this body.

7. Reviews. On the other hand, the reviews in term of the individual boiler will save up to 15% energy, point from IDAE. This maintenance must be accompanied by an annual purge of the radiators, a cleaning process that will be finished when only water begins to flow out and no air is expelled.

8. Controlled ventilation. All new buildings within the European Union (EU) should be almost zero consumption (ECCN) from 2020. This measure will entail an economic and energy saving in heating that could reach up to 80%, according to experts from Sto, a German construction company. Therefore, the new sealing that should be applied to all joints between the different materials of the building will prevent the passage of uncontrolled air from the interior to the exterior and vice versa.

9. Bioclimatic design. When it comes to building or buying a house, it is convenient to take into account the use of natural resources. A good one orientation to the south and large windows They are key when temperatures drop. We must also take into account the general climate that characterizes the location of the house, the wind or the vegetation that surrounds it.

10. Decoration. Since the OCU also bet on the use of dark colored carpets, curtains and blinds that help to absorb solar radiation and even raise the temperature of space. Other methods consist of covering the walls with paintings or shelves.


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