The best TikTok tricks that you cannot miss

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TikTok logo

Admit it: TikTok is here to stay. Although it is not a social network that is going to triumph among the whole world and, in fact, it is intended in a special way for the younger public, the truth is that this Chinese application that caused so much controversy a few months ago in the United States is hooked. Dance lovers have endless options to show their qualities and fans of viral challenges can find a different one almost every day.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of TikTok, it is best to learn the best tricks that will make users rise to expert level.

Get the best accessories

There are almost infinite accessories on the market to turn mobile phones into true professional cameras. A tripod can be a good option if you don’t have anyone who can record you. With it you can adjust the height so that the framing is perfect, even the most sophisticated have a small control to activate remote recording. If you are someone who prefers the ‘selfie mode’, a grip will improve stability and avoid the annoying wobble in the final video.

Besides, you can also find different accessories for the camera that improve focus, make it a fisheye or incorporate filters that will give the videos your own personal stamp. In this line, a rechargeable light ring prepared for the front camera guarantees the best illumination.

Make the most of the timer

It is the ideal option for those who prefer to practice their dances alone. It is as simple as selecting the ‘record’ option, select ‘timer’ from the options menu (it’s icon number three) and choose the length of the video. From there you have only three seconds to prepare.

Upload already recorded videos

On the contrary, if you are one of those who inspiration comes when you least expect it, you must, yes or yes, have perfectly controlled How to upload previously recorded videos. A great point in favor is that the application allows you to modify those videos with its editor.

The method is simple. You just have to select the option ‘upload’ and then choose ‘upload’. Then click on the ‘+’ icon. Once this process is followed, the gallery of your mobile phone should be opened, where the video that you want to share with your followers on TikTok should be.

Record a duet with another user

Sometimes things work out better when they are done together. That is why TikTok gives the option to share a video with another user. It is not even necessary for both parties to be connected at the same time. Nor that they know or follow each other.

If you want to join the duos you must go to the user’s profile with whom you want to share your moment of glory. If this allows duets, the ‘duet’ option will appear in the ‘share’ button. Automatically, the application will create a square video split in two with your camera in the left half and the original video in the right half. It only remains to press the ‘record’ button and exploit creativity.

‘Copy’ the music to another

If when you are watching a TikTok you are excited about the music you are listening and you want to upload your own version, you can ‘steal’ the sound directly. When you are playing the video, tap on the icon that appears at the bottom right that informs you of the music that is playing. You will enter the song file and you will see all the videos that have used it. Besides that, a camera icon also appears. That is the one you must select to start recording.


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