September 20, 2020

The best Switch to play on the move | Technology

The Nintendo Switch It has a revolutionary design because of the differentness of its proposal, simplicity and speed of use. The expectations of success have been fully met: more than 36 million consoles around the world, a figure that grows month by month. With the Nintendo Switch Lite the Japanese seeks to follow the same path thanks to a simplified design only suitable for those who wish to play on the move. Thus, the main difference between them is that the new console has been designed as a portable model that does not contemplate the possibility of connecting to the TV.

Only portable

As a consequence, and although its aesthetic is quite recognizable, the design has varied somewhat. For example, it is more compact and lightweight, something that is very noticeable when holding it (it has gone from 398 to 275 grams). It also has a somewhat smaller screen (5.5 inches) with the same resolution: HD. This combination means that there is a higher pixel density and some sharpness is gained during games. Otherwise, this surface looks properly, with a good level of brightness and correct viewing angles.

The image is accompanied by a sufficient sound in terms of volume and quality that is directed directly towards the player through use speakers located in the lower edge of the machine.

The best Switch to play on the move

Changes in dimensions do not affect controls, which have the same size and distance between them (with some exceptions) and they offer a good answer. We highlight three variations: the controls are not removable, it incorporates a crosshead and the vibration that helped to further immersion in the games is lost.

That the controls cannot be removed entails some limitations with respect to compatible titles. In principle, almost anyone available for Nintendo Switch could be used, since a very high percentage incorporates the portable game mode. The exception is those that involve playing with the controls separated from the screen or require motion control that the joy-con allowed (as the original console controls are called). There are more than two thousand alternatives, so it is not worrisome.

The Nintendo Account Odyssey

The interface and menus are also the same and even the same Nintendo account can be set up on both simultaneously. It is something that makes sense since, in this way, access to the entire catalog of games purchased in digital format is guaranteed. The idea is very good, but the execution leaves much to be desired because this system has great restrictions: one of the consoles will be considered as the main and the rest secondary, so it can only be play in them if they are connected to the Internet, prior authorization, or if the first one is not being used. So much complication makes us wish we had always bought the games in physical format.

Once this obstacle is overcome, the experience of use is very positive. It is very comfortable to play for long periods of time (we have tried it with Zelda: Link’s Awakening, which is addictive); at least during what the battery leaves you, with an approximate real autonomy of 5 hours. The rugged touch of the case, different from the original Switch, is also very pleasant to the touch.

A pity that its internal capacity has not been improved, which remains at 32 GB; Very little for someone who plays regularly. It can be expanded with microSD, yes.

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