The best summer hits from 2000 to today (II)

The best summer hits from 2000 to today (II)

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In this second installment our journey continues from 2006 to 2011

Luis M. Lopez

LUIS M. LOPEZ The Gran Canarian palms

The song of 2006: "Hips don lie", Shakira and Wyclef Jean

One more year, the Colombian singer returned to get a big hit. On this occasion she did it with a theme in which she put
manifest and showed its roots and culture to the world. A real hit that invited you to give everything on the dance floor.


"Hips don't lie", Shakira and Wyclef Jean

Song of 2007: "Grace Kelly", Mika

In 2007 we met a new star, Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr, better known as "Mika". This singer, of Lebanese origin, positioned himself, with his success "Grace Kelly", at the top during the summer of that year. His impressive way of modulating his voice with ease blew many away.

The purpose of this topic was
making fun of musicians trying to reinvent themselves to be more popular. It is titled “Grace Kelly”, as a tribute to the Oscar-winning theater and film actress and Princess of Monaco. Mika commented in several interviews that the song came to him after a bad experience with a record company executive.


"Grace Kelly" Mika

Song of 2008: "Ella Elle L'a", Kate Ryan

During this summer the flight attendants took on a special role, and it is that the Belgian singer Kate Ryan did not expect at all the success that this theme would have.
Thanks to "Ella Elle L'a" Ryan obtained seven platinum records.

Song of 2009: "I know you want me (Calle Ocho)", Pitbull

This is one of those mythical songs that stay engraved and never die.
Pitbull knows how to liven up a party and he showed it that year. It was the singer's first single to garner international success. The partying rhythm of the song led this theme to be placed among the most listened to in 2009.


"I know you want me (Calle Ocho)", Pitbull

Song of 2010: "Waka Waka (This is Africa)", Shakira

The summer of 2010 was historic. For the first time in the history of Spanish football
the spanish team won a world cup. It was a historic feat that will remain etched in the minds of football fans for a long time. The song that sounded like the anthem of this event was "Waka, waka", a song that became the most listened to that summer.

Although in the song the main star was the Colombian singer Shakira, in
this theme was collaborated by the South African group Freshlygroundboth in its Spanish and English versions.

Curiously, thanks to that song, the love story between Shakira and the soccer player from "la Roja" began, Gerard Piqué. Unfortunately that relationship would end 12 years later.

Returning to the topic itself, in one of the verses of the song the choir is heard saying: "Samina mina zangalewa". This phrase that translates to "Who called you", and refers to some chants of the military troops of Cameroon. This is used in training.


"Waka Waka (This is Africa)", Shakira

The song of 2011: «Danza Kuduro», Don Omar and Lucenzo

Normally the songs usually talk about lived experiences, but there are others in which the lyrics are mere instructions of a dance, this is the case of «Danza Kuduro». Puerto Rican artist, Don Omar, released this hit with Lucenzo and
It became one of the fifty most listened to songs of the decade on Spotify.


«Dance Kuduro», Don Omar /


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