June 24, 2021

The best series of 2019 | TV

one – Succession

Excellent scripts that combine drama and comedy are the basis of this series that uses its plot as an excuse to show dialogues, characters, luxury and insults twisted in each installment. The second season in the history of the Roy family and the struggle for succession in their media empire has not had a bad, even regular, chapter. Everything fits in a series the sea of ​​enjoyable. How we like to hate all his characters and see the stabs that get behind and to the face. HBO has found gold again. (In HBO Spain).

two – Fleabag

The second season of this comedy could share first place with Succession perfectly. The creation of Phoebe Waller-Bridge has found the formula to give a very interesting and intelligent twist to the romantic comedy and the use of the breaking of the fourth wall. The viewer gets into the mind of his unleavened protagonist to be a direct witness of the complicated relationship he has with his family and the advances in his relationship with a priest. And, above, Andrew Scott. All good. (In Amazon Prime Video).

Trailer of the second season of ‘Fleabag’.

3 – Watchmen

The reinterpretation of the popular comic that Damon Lindelof has proposed has resulted in a very high note, and that the expectations were very high after The Leftovers. Each episode was an adventure that revealed the keys to interpret a whole full of references to comics. A puzzle full of great moments that has managed to satisfy both connoisseurs of the original universe and novices. Its complexity has crowned it in a year in which superheroes, with The Umbrella Academy, The Boys or Doom Patrol, have shown that they still have a lot to say. (In HBO Spain).

4 – Chernobyl

This year’s best horror series has been this drama based on the accident of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Beyond its great scripts, what really impacts these five episodes is the creation of its atmosphere, with a fundamental role of a soundtrack obtained from sounds recorded in an abandoned center. Everything is spooky in this production that also invites us to reflect on the treatment of information and the responsibility of the authorities. (In HBO Spain).

5 – The crown

The third season of the series focused on the life of the Queen of England starts with one of the best television moments of the year by showing through two labels the change of the leading actress. His relief and that of the rest of the cast has worked very well in what remains one of the most luxurious, well-kept and, without a doubt, best written productions of today. That we take for granted that The crown It is very good should not make us forget that it is and the enormous merit that has to maintain the level delivery after delivery. (On Netflix).

Trailer of the third season ‘The Crown’.

6 – That’s how they see us

The real stories that generate great outrage in the viewer has been one of the trends in the best series of the year. This production in four episodes shook consciences in the summer remembering the story of the Five of Central Park, some African-American and Hispanic teenagers who were accused of a brutal rape for which they were convicted and served time in jail despite being innocent. They just passed by. Or even that. A story very well told and very well interpreted perfect for venting screaming at the screen. (On Netflix).

7 – Catastrophe

It was the beginning of the year when Sharon and Rob said goodbye forever to the spectators. They are specialists in laughing out and breaking your heart in the same sequence. In their four seasons they built a relationship that seems so real, so natural, so fresh, that it is impossible not to be identified in some moments. The last installment was fun and emotional, maintaining those natural dialogues and full of house brand references. A great farewell that deserves to be highlighted. (In Movistar +).

Preview of the fourth season of ‘Catastrophe’.

8 – Game of Thrones

The great television event of the year. The biggest, most watched, most loved and most hated series. The passions, against and in favor, that raised the last episodes starring the Lannister, Stark and company only provoke stories that have transcended, that have jumped beyond the screen to become cultural phenomena. The last season of Game of Thrones brought together millions of viewers from around the world in front of the screen. We saw her all together. We argued, we got angry, we got excited, sometimes everything was so dark that nothing could be seen. And we did it all together. It has been the seriéfila experience of the year and there is no doubt about that. (In HBO Spain complete. In Movistar + only three episodes available).

9 – Derry Girls

Hilarious comedy that finds laughter in the midst of the troubled Northern Ireland of the nineties. While terrorism and politics are the main concern on the streets and in the news, the teenage protagonists have their heads in other things, such as arriving on time at a Take That concert or taking advantage of a group’s visit. Protestant boys A wild humor, a great musical selection and that peculiar contrast make it a small great jewel. Mention apart for the cynical (and wonderful) sister Michael. (On Netflix).

Trailer of the second season of ‘Derry Girls’.

10 – Years and Years

Without our knowing what we were facing, Years and Years It has been one of the series that has hit us most directly this year. Perhaps because of that surprise, but also because of how close that dystopian world is. Based on the drama of a British middle class family, it presents the social, political, moral and technological consequences of a world, in the near future, in which extremisms have taken power. So real that it gives chills and narrated with a rhythm and tension that leaves you breathless. A pity that it has an end that is not up to par, but the rest is brilliant. (In HBO Spain).

‘Years and years’ trailer.

eleven – Euphoria

The most amazing summer series was a youth drama starring Zendaya. Life gives you surprises. The former Disney girl is one of the television actresses of 2019 thanks to this story that has revolutionized her genre both formally and narratively. His stylistic bet, with those makeup, that costumes, those lights, that music …, was a success. And the story, no matter how far you may be from the experiences, sufferings, drugs, anguish and sexual exploration of the Z generation, has also been able to engage audiences older than its protagonists. (In HBO Spain).

12 – What we do in the shadows

Friends, vampires and residents in New York. The television adaptation of the cult film is even more fun than the original film. The crazy situations and dialogues start laughing out loud in all the episodes of this production that can be liked by those who already knew the film of the same name as those who approached it for the first time. The energy vampire is one of the great finds of the year. And the vamp. And Guillerrrrrmo. (In HBO Spain).

‘What we do in the shadows’ trailer.

13 – Barry

The second season in the history of this hitman and amateur actor has improved even to the first, becoming a pressure cooker that has Barry in the center, with his insecurities and his problems with criminals of different types. Tension, thriller, black humor and surrealism come together in a plot that allows the show of his cast, especially Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. Barry He has already hit his own tone and knows how to handle it very well to get the most out of it. (In HBO Spain).

14 – Veep

What a great year this is for HBO, which until this position clearly dominates this classification. His last representative on this list is the final season of this comedy that, as we said before in The crown, not for being very good every year should be forgotten. His farewell was somewhat eclipsed by his coincidence with the phenomenon Game of Thrones, but Selina Meyer managed to say goodbye to television without losing level, and even with a humor even more beast than on other occasions. The final episode is brilliant, with many of the guest actors who participated in the series. (In HBO Spain complete. In Movistar +, the last season).

Preview of the last season of ‘Veep’.

fifteen – Ramy

The young humorist Ramy Youssef is the protagonist and co-creator of this comedy that tells the story of a twenty-year-old Egyptian-American resident in New Jersey who seeks his place in the world between his Islamic and Egyptian roots and life beyond his neighborhood. In addition to well-resolved gags and the interesting and cultural point of view, little reflected in Western fiction, the series rises even more when it shows the world beyond Ramy, as in the chapters focused on his sister, his mother or the shock that occurs when the protagonist travels to Egypt. (In Starzplay).

16 – Believe me

In the year of the return of True Detective, The detective couple that really was worth it has been the one that stars in this series based on a true story. All part of the complaint of Marie, a young woman who claims to have been raped in her own home but ends up withdrawing the complaint. Time later it would be demonstrated that with her a tremendous police error had been made. The series is a sample of how empathy is essential when dealing with certain cases and how to treat (and how not) a victim. Believe me It is the police series for the times of the Me Too. Impeccable interpretations of Merritt Wever, Toni Collette and Kaitlyn Dever. (On Netflix).

17 – look what you have done

In national fiction there have also been very good proposals. Only two come into this list, but if it were a little longer, titles like Iron, Malaka, Tell Me or Paquita Salas. Above them we opted for the series in which Berto Romero continues to portray the tragicomedy of being a father. In the second season, the level rose even more with his triple somersault: now the fictional Berto is preparing a series about his life while dealing with a strong couple crisis. The drama takes positions in this comedy that also does not lose sight of its beast humor. Like the characters themselves, the series has matured and has set the bar very high for its next season. (In Movistar +).

Preview of the second season of ‘Look what you’ve done’.

18 – Unone

The animation looks face to face with real fiction in recent years with mature productions that dare to go further. In this case, the rotoscopic animation (painted on real filming, and with a cast headed by Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk) surprises both formally and in the background in an interesting exploration of mental illness. After suffering a car accident, Alma begins to experience visions and spacetime trips accompanied by her deceased father. The series becomes an experience in which it is best to get carried away. (In Amazon Prime Video).

19 – Perfect life

Life is not always as one expects it. Sometimes, everything gets out of control and even turns upside down. And you have to get attached to the consequences. That happens to the three thirty protagonists of this comedy created and starring Leticia Dolera. After a surprising starting point, he manages to maintain the balance between humor and tenderness without falling into too many excesses. A very interesting and original proposal that is most enjoyed leaving prejudices aside. Beyond the protagonist trio, the true revelation of the series is Enric Auquer, Gari in fiction, one of the best television characters of the year. (In Movistar +).

Advance of ‘Perfect life’.

twenty – Mindhunter

The atmosphere created by this peculiar policeman is unique. From their disturbing credit titles to their photography or the stories of their three protagonists and the interrogations they carry out. To which it is, without a doubt, one of the best Netflix series must be given time. As in the twisted police cases — real — that follow, you have to be patient. Their stories are emerging and hiding, some are resolved and others are pending … As in reality, things are more complicated than in a policeman to use. There is no other series like Mindhunter. (On Netflix).


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