The best series of 2018 | TV

The best series of 2018 | TV

one – The Curse of Hill House

A family drama in the form of a horror story he has won the number one this year in the list of Fifth Season. This narrative with a haunted house and family with a past and a present more than murky delves into the traumas of its central characters to show their ghosts, literal and metaphorical. Not only has an absorbent script and very well written, with a plot in two times that is forming a puzzle in which everything fits. It also stands out in the formal execution. Above the rest, the chapters 5 (that lady of the crooked neck …) and 6 (all a technical virguería). Although it has an end perhaps too sugary, this great surprise of the year has won by its own number 1. (On Netflix).

two – Succession

An acid satire centered on a family of billionaires owning a media group has been one step away from leading the list. When the patriarch decides to step back and give his place to one of his children, the worst (and very many) of each member of the family comes out. Because no character is saved here, they are each more ruinous. ANDThis series has high doses of wild comedy, shakespearian touches and a large collection of hateful characters that you end up loving thanks to the great actors behind it, as well as a script with great dialogues. Although its first half draws attention but has a more discreet level, after the equator takes off and marks a second half simply bright. (On HBO Spain).

3 – The Americans

The series starring a pair of Russian spies resident in the Washington of the eighties has been fired with a great sixth installment that has earned him the Emmy for best script and best actor for Matthew Rhys. While Elizabeth and Philip carried out the missions entrusted to them, they had to keep their identity hidden by pretending to be a normal American family with two teenage children, with the extra headaches that this entails. With rhythm of thriller slowed down, he has made his spectators suffer in his final stretch with a goodbye that split many hearts and a goodbye on time without having to stretch the gum unnecessarily. (He issued it Fox Life and in Sky there are the first four seasons).

4 – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The recent premiere of its second season He arrives just in time to sneak into the list of the best of the year in the top positions. The adventures of Midge Maisel in the world of comedy in the fifties have raised the level with a new release that, after winning the Emmy and the Golden Globe for best comedy, had difficult to meet expectations. He has done it and he has even surpassed them. Today, in the midst of so much drama, the comedies that make you laugh are especially appreciated, and this one does it a lot. Absurd situations, quick dialogues and ingenious brand of the Sherman-Palladino house, and reflections that serve for yesterday and today. (In Amazon Prime Video).

5 – Fariña

The best Spanish series of 2018 It has a Galician accent. The television adaptation of Nacho Carretero's essay on drug trafficking in Galicia in the eighties has gained a foothold here for several reasons as simple as complicated: it's very well written, it's very entertaining, it has a rhythm that barely fades, it's very well performed with a cast of first-rate Galician actors, it's very well directed, with a spectacular soundtrack … And it shows that Spanish productions are already they can and do have to compete in the league first. (Antenna 3, and also available on Netflix).

6 – BoJack Horseman

The adult animation series a gap in our lists is won year after year for its audacity when it comes to dealing with issues that are not usually present in the series of real action. His characters with animal form talk about life, motherhood and fatherhood, death, addictions, depression … For daring, they even leave their protagonist alone on an altar before the coffin of his mother to make a monologue that fills a whole chapter. The animation also competes in the senior league and BoJack should be on this list. (On Netflix).

7 – A Very English Scandal

Only the interpretation of Hugh Grant makes it worthy a gap in this classification. This British miniseries it has only three chapters in which it narrates the real history of the first British politician prosecuted for attempted homicide. Jeremy Thorpe (Grant) had a relationship with a man, Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw), in the 1960s, before homosexuality was decriminalized in the United Kingdom. When the relationship ends and the presence of his lover becomes a danger, Thorpe plans the murder of his lover. It is told with a thriller rhythm and a good dose of British humor with a very intelligent, fun and very entertaining result. (In Amazon Prime Video).

8 – The Kominsky method

One of the great surprises of the final stretch of the year has been this dramedia created by Chuck Lorre and starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, two veteran performers of 74 and 84 who give life to an actor turned into an acting teacher and his agent and best friend. Through them we reflect on the consequences of aging and friendship. To do so, he balances the most coarse and uncouth humor with the tenderness of emotional moments that take the spectator from laughter to tears in the blink of an eye. (On Netflix).

9 – Atlanta

The comedy created and starred by Donald Glover goes more unnoticed than it should be among the general public. Although in reality it does not seem to aspire to reach the general public either. His second installment has raised the quality, with chapters that are small pills that analyze society and contemporary culture from the point of view of characters who look surprised at what they find. A series with a lot of irony and that brings interesting reflections on life. In addition, this year has an ace in the sleeve, Teddy Perkins, a disturbing and malrollero character, a kind of sinister Michael Jackson that is at the center of one of the best chapters of the year. (On FoxNow).

10 – Killing Eve

The game of cat and mouse of a hitwoman and a British intelligence agent has been one of the best premieres of the year with two bright actresses in front, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh. East thriller It has a great narrative rhythm, a careful musical selection and witty dialogues. His intelligent scripts achieve that we fall in love with a whole psychopath and that we empathize with the agent who obsesses with persecuting whoever owes less. (On HBO Spain).

eleven – Better Call Saul

The spin off /prequel Breaking Bad Focused on the path of Jimmy McGill to become the lawyer Saul Goodman has sealed a great fourth season, with Jimmy taking more steps to become definitely Saul Goodman. Each delivery it is taking height as it advances and continues to develop the story of familiar characters (the environment of the Chickens Brothers and Gus Fring, Mike, Uncle Salamanca …) and others (such as the great Kim Wexler). He asks for patience from his viewers, but he also knows how to reward them. (In Movistar +).

12 – The Good Fight

Another story derived from a previous one that has earned a place in these lists is this legal drama with high doses of comedy. As we said in the middle of the year, what made it great The Good Wife is also present in The Good Fight. In his second installment, he has made political satire his banner while he has taken advantage of the characters and the current plots Mark of the King's house. Diane, Lucca, Marissa, Elsbeth … make this series bigger. (In Movistar +).

13 – The Handmaid's Tale

The second season of The story of the maid has already flown away from the original book to continue entering the Republic of Gilead in a series of chapters that have been at the center of the controversy for considering some spectators that recreates excessive violence against women. However, and although it has very hard, logical moments within what it narrates, it is expected within its context. And he has told, again, with great chapters, maintaining his careful and characteristic aesthetic, and with two outstanding actresses in front, Elisabeth Moss and Yvonne Strahovski. (On HBO Spain).

14 – Tomorrow

Mariano Barroso directs this series that in six chapters adapts the homonymous novel by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón. The story of Justo Gil and his struggle to stop being a nobody is framed in the Barcelona tardofranquista in which Justo moves playing two sides between contacts with the radical groups of the left and the right, as well as being a confidant of the Social Brigade. It is narrated with pulse and rhythm, with very good performances, script and direction to show a Spain in which torture was still a reality and in which some characters were still reluctant to accept the changes that were coming. (In Movistar +).

fifteen – GLOW

The second season of the series Set in the backstage of a female wrestling program in the eighties, it has served to confirm her status as one of the best active dramedies. Now that we know their characters, it has been even easier to empathize with them while showing the struggle of those involved in the program to keep it up despite the difficulties they faced. Two of his episodes have stood out above the others: the fourth, with two very different mothers, and the crazy eighth chapter that is delivered to the metatelevision. (On Netflix).

16 – Arde Madrid

Another of the Spanish productions that have highlighted this year is this black and white comedy signed by Paco León and Anna R. Costa that reimagines the years of Ava Gardner's stay in Madrid and the particular dolce vita that the Hollywood actress lived in Franco's Spain at the time. The result is a very fun and light story that can be seen from the pull without problem (thanks to its chapters of 30 minutes), which also has one of the best headers of the year. "Church no, direct party" is one of the great phrases of the year. (In Movistar +).

17 – Everything is bullshit

Few people remember this series, which is not that it was seen too much when it was released … and possibly that's why it will not have a second season. A pity, because those who saw it we could enjoy a endearing story, exciting and with much nostalgia noventera that worked very well Their adolescent protagonists look for their place in the world while they record a short in the institute and try to discover their own identity. Great musical selection with hits of the nineties for a story of people out of place. That is, for me, for you and for anyone. (On Netflix).

18 – Homecoming

The last big Hollywood star to switch to television It has been Julia Roberts to star in this creation that can not deny that it has the same responsible behind it Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail A thriller conspiranoid with 30 minute chapters (and just for that it deserves a place in our hearts), a very careful aesthetics and a plot that hooks even though it costs you to start a little and in the final stretch becomes something predictable. The total result is more than remarkable thanks to the atmosphere created, its soundtrack and attention to the visual side of this production. (In Amazon Prime Video).

19 – Counterpart

One of the first big hooks of the year It was the first season (the second has just started) of this espionage dystopia whose action takes place in Berlin in two parallel realities communicated by a portal that few know. The work of J.K. Simmons playing two versions of the same character is wonderful: from very subtle elements such as attitude or small gestures and body postures, you can perfectly differentiate who is who. Although the narrative becomes, at times, somewhat convoluted, has gained a niche in this list even in the low positions. (On HBO Spain).

twenty – Trust

The series based on the real story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, grandson of the billionaire oil tycoon (if you do not know what happened, do not look at Google to be surprised by a plot that seems fiction but not) is one of the most entertaining and well executed of the year. Danny Boyle directs the first three episodes of the 10 that make up this story with a cast that includes Donald Sutherland and Brendan Fraser, who seem to have passed it on. Very enjoyable, surprising for those who do not know the facts, and very addictive. (On HBO Spain).


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