December 2, 2020

The best Real Madrid runs over Eibar | sports

A guild football symposium from Madrid, added to the particular master of Benzema and his partner Hazard, sealed a categorical victory of the Real in Eibar. In his natural reserve of Ipurua, the downfall was taken by the commendable Basque team, run over by his rival in the first half. This time, rewind and rewind last year's 3-0, Madrid had no miracles. The Mendilibar boys were enslaved until the break. Subjected by a team with volume, with jaw in each assault, with no one to become delinquent with the ball.

Censored more than two touches in a row, the ball went at full speed until he found people like Benzema and Hazard. Both were a derision for De Blasis. Especially when the ambush to the local right side, helpless by Orellana, Mendy enlisted. A footballer who threw himself is a convoy. The French have plenty of physical faculties, but he needs to be more selective in his adventures. It is not always advisable to drag a sentry more to the sector of players as skilled for fencing as Hazard. It is better for the Belgian to leave a date alone with his sheriff.

Defeated by football with visitors' rhyme, it turned out that the set was Madrid. He did not give the Eibar with a handle, limited to splashing in the doggy northern afternoon. The goals fell like favorite children of the game. Hazard, in his best version as a Real Madrid player, was abrasive for the Eibarresa defense. The Belgian flowed, threatened, slowed, started. And on his radar, Benzema, which matches the talented. Its implementation was to frame. In his football maturity, the Frenchman not only flirts as ever with the goal. Today, its regularity is amazing. There are no duels without Benzema tracks. Gole as few and play as nobody. Download the game for everyone, distract when appropriate and search when necessary.




Real Madrid


Dmitrovic, Bigas, José Ángel, Pablo De Blasis, Arbilla, Escalante, Inui, Diop (Edu Expósito, min. 80), Orellana (Pedro León, min. 64), Kike García (Charles, min. 80) and Sergi Enrich.

Real Madrid

Courtois, Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Varane, Ferland Mendy, Modric, Federico Valverde (Isco, min. 71), Casemiro, Lucas Vázquez (Brahim Diaz, min. 80), Benzema and Hazard (Vinicius Junior, min. 71).

0-1 min. 16: Benzema. 0-2 min. 19: Sergio Ramos (p). 0-3 min 28: Benzema (p). 0-4 min 60: Federico Valverde.

Shortly after Hazard's first encounter with Benzema, miraculously resolved by Dimitrovic with his feet, came the white uncorking. Benzema, cheats that cheats, curled up the armored defense. Its center led to a series of rebounds with Valverde and Modric in the middle. The last rejection came to the most meritorious and that player with a battering number and a soul of ten went to the empty door. As his repertoire is infinite and this Benzema does not stop. Three minutes later the Frenchman put Hazard face to face with De Blasis. The dethrone of the Belgian's waist left no other way out to the Argentine side than to tie his opponent. Ramos nailed the penalty with authority.

Hazard, already with more body of a little bird, took over from Benzema and after a great visitor choral play the former Chelsea made Lucas put Cote on the ropes, which reacted as De Blasis. Benzema, who throws with his own right of gallons, asked Ramos for a turn and did not mishap the penalty. So strong is the progression of French that since the divorce with CR he has 41 goals for 34 Portuguese. Tremendous.

With 0-3, Eibar did not look at what Eibar is until the first steps of the second act. More predisposed to the Real, the Mendilibar team exposed that atomic football that characterizes him in Ipurua for a while. Load after load on the area and advanced pressure to encapote the adversary. He resisted the assault on Madrid, already more contemporary but without getting off the ground. Until an acceleration of Mendy derived in a service of the lateral one that Modric flocked in the other side. The Croatian gave Valverde time and the Uruguayan certified his first goal in LaLiga with a flat, precise and accurate finish. The charrúa lacked ease before the rival door. His consistent football lacked clinical arrivals.

Cleared the Eibar, Zidane sat on the couch. He had already given Lucas a reel after a month and a half in the dark room. The bony Eibar that used to be on his ranch and the storm over Ipurua warned of a possible shrapnel match. Lucas's entry had another effect: Rodrygo's replacement, cover of Madrid's week. ZZ may have preferred to manage the emotions of the Brazilian rookie. Buckled the triumph, the Marseille coach gave Isco, Vinicius and Brahim chatter, soccer players who for different reasons have had no focus. Zidane needs all possible brigades. Rodrygo has already appeared, Hazard is almost ready, Valverde has consolidated, Mendy does not squeak and Courtois has finally put the bolt. Some outbreaks for Real Madrid optimism, no matter how much you have to wait for your round first part in Eibar to reproduce more regularly.

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