Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

The best pizza maker in the Canary Islands is searched to compete worldwide - La Provincia

The best pizza maker in the Canary Islands is searched to compete worldwide - La Provincia

Hotels Escuela de Canarias, center attached to the Ministry of Education tourism, Culture and Sports of Government of the Canary Islands, will host during this week the second edition of the Absolute Championship of Canarias de Pizza 2019. A contest that seeks to prove the skill of the talents of the Islands to find the best pizza maker or pizzera in the Canary Islands.

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The phases prior to the Grand Final will be held on March 18 and 19 at the Santa Brígida School Hotel, in Gran Canaria, and Friday the 22nd at the Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz, in Tenerife. In these previous phases, in which more than fifty candidates will participate, among which are several Hecansa students, the twelve best will be chosen (six from each province), who will compete for the winning position in the Grand Final, an event that will be held on May 21 in the framework of the VI Gastro-Canarian GastroCanarias Hall, in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Exhibition Center.

The director Manager of Hoteles Escuela de Canarias, Alberto Ávila, was pleased by the fact that Hecansa welcomes the initiative. "The celebration of this type of actions promotes gastronomic diversity and encourages all the talents of the sector in the Islands to try and challenge themselves," said the director.

Also, Avila stressed that several of the students of Hecansa will participate in these days. "This shows that in our center young people stand out for their willingness to learn and to acquire new experiences that will help them in their professional future," said the managing director of Hoteles Escuela de Canarias.

The winner of this championship will represent the Islands in the Pizza World Championship 2020, which will take place in Parna, Italy.


During the previous phases that will be held in both provinces, the contestants will prepare and cook their pizza, and they will show it to the jury on the presentation plate, with a maximum execution time of 15 minutes. Likewise, the judges will be able to formulate to the contestant any question on techniques used and known to knead, cultural topics of the world of pizza and on the clothes of the pizza maker.

More information can be found in the news portal of the Government of the Canary Islands.


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