The best photo books of 2018 | Babelia

The best photo books of 2018 | Babelia

Liza Ambrossio

Photographer, winner of the FNAC Nuevo Talento 2018 prize and the Voices Off prize of The Encounters of Arles, France 2018

Big Brother of Louis Quail (Dewi Lewis Publishing)

"Loving what causes you pain generates a huge admiration, this project has the density of familiarity and complicity in the darkness. It is a spoiled book, with notes, drawings and images of the schizophrenic brother of the photographer. It's beautiful because you can feel the pain and the love on each page and it's exciting because it's not intended as anything other than the catharsis of an adult life in its sublime maturity. "

On the resistance of the bodies of José Luis Cuevas (Head of Plover / Chaco)

"As a Mexican, it seems to me a book that speaks naturally of the most common fears of the average citizen in a devouring metropolis like Mexico City, (death, pain or accident). Among its pages it is equally possible to swim in pools of blood to walk in iron tombs, it is viable to feel the transit of José Luis in the streets and the noise that causes fear.

No more no less of Kensuke Koike and Thomas Sauvin (Jiazazhi Press)

"I am attracted to the ability to play Kensuke and Thomas. And the vision to carry out a collaborative project with no apparent fixed route. Both present their book as a series of fortuitous accidents: Thomas's obsession with collecting files, Kensuke's taste for transforming them, and the friendship needed to re-read an album by a Chinese photography student of the eighties. "

Simon Baker

Director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris

Sour strawberries by Lin Zhipeng / No.223 (Editions Bessard)

"Lin Zhipeng / No.223 is one of the favorite discoveries, although you should have already met this brilliant and important artist, contemporary of Ren Hang, share with him his style and approach, in this book he gathers a dazzling work through a beautiful and intelligent design that evokes, and plays, with the logic of censorship in explicit images, each pixelated image is printed on the outside of uncut pages, which when cut, reveal the whole image ".

The diary of Tom Wilkins of Sebastien Girard (Sebastien Girard)

"Girard is a brilliant and enigmatic figure of the photographic scene, researcher and collector of images, as well as an artist in his own right." The images come from a file discovered by Girard, but are transformed into the page through the most sumptuous silk-screen printing processes. When the fashion of the photographs found seemed to be bottoming out, Girard has produced one of the most excellent interventions within the genre. "

No more no less of Kensuke Koike / Thomas Sauvin (Jiazazhi Press)

"The French artist Thomas Sauvin and his collaborator the Japanese artist Kensuke Koike, ran the risk of sending the high resolution files of this project to three different publishers, asking them not to show them until the books were finally published. they are great answers to this challenge, and each one tries in an elegant and different way with the rigorous logic of Koike's work, forced to choose I remain with the Chinese version of Jiazazhi Press ".

Susan Bright


The photographer in the garden by Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear (Aperture)

"A social history of human behavior and the relationship with the garden while at the same time acting as a wonderful history of photography, the book includes well-known photographers, as well as other unknown to me. similar content, so that I am aware of the care and dedication necessary to ensure its rigor, it is a book that appeases. "

La Grotta ices by Kitty Travers

"It is not strictly a photography book, but it contains some of the best photography I have seen over the years, it is a recipe book of the most succulent ice cream, written by an English chef and designed by Studio Frith, the photographs are by Grant Cornett They are decidedly current with their retro style, their great visual strength and a funny sense of humor They do more than a nod to the great commercial photographers Nikolas Murray and Victor Keppler with their innovative use of color, but they are not a pastiche Comett is able to make ice creams look delicious, familiar and exotic all at the same time, he would frame everyone (after licking them). "

My birth by Carmen Winant (Self Publish, Be happy / ITY Press)

"My last choice makes use of vernacular photography to refer to the difficulty of visualizing the birth process." The book is full of images and it is the text that struggles and stumbles to articulate the experience. childbirths are usually scarce, so seeing them in such an abundance is a radical gesture.It should not be so, since childbirth is a natural experience.This way, the book highlights our strange relationship with female bodies and how they are usually represented. Leave time as the act of being born has been visually sanitized and veiled with sentimentality or humor instead of being treated realistically.

Pablo Casado

Photographer and bookseller

Lupita, I've kept you an apricot on the tree. I've told It to wait for you by Guadalupe Ruiz (Kodoji Press / Turbo Magazine)

"Guadalupe shows us and her son, Bogota, with the words that her grandmother once wrote to her on the only postcard she ever sent and Noëlle Revaz accompanies us and points out what we found during the trip. , relationships, memory, home, children's book, photography and text, prejudices, postcolonial ".

Per Strada by Guido Ghirri (MACK)

"In the book, it shows the paths and decisions that a photographer learns over the years, from the most punctual to what he does constantly, all this happens on the same road, a space for enjoyment and contemplation. Delight, geography, decisions, home, road, study, work, accumulation.

Elementary study of the Levante by Ricardo Cases (Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid)

"The land that I know the best I know best with this book, brilliant, deep and fun like its previous books, it is not a mere catalog, light, search, insistence, results, bright, deep and fun."

Ricardo Cases

Photographer. Culture Award of the Community of Madrid, 2017

Continental Drift by Nico Krebs and Taiyo Onorato (Edition Patrick Frey)

A photographic adventure through unknown lands of the Asian continent, which travels between documentary and fiction and tells us about its possible past and what its future could be.

You the living by David Hornillos (Dalpine)

A clearing of the Chamartin station, which turned out to be a cemetery, serves as an excuse for the author to compose a narrative through images that serve as a reflection on the temporal condition of being.

Verb by Pascual Arnal (Desktop Publishing / Cuadernos de la Kursala)

Through a selection of different images about the representation of the universe, the author investigates this set of everything that exists, of which we are a part and whose enigmas remain unresolved.

Gabriela Cendoya


Halfstory Halflife by Raymond Meeks (Chose Commune)

"Describes a place where teenagers (almost all boys) come together to jump into a river from a great height, it's a ritual, a step from adolescence to adulthood." Meeks achieves the fragile and beautiful balance of intertwining a natural environment with the loss of innocence, the vertigo of the leap into emptiness, the fear of what is to come, accompanied by the awkwardness of bodies, the beauty of movement, and abandonment, with a tenderness and delicacy that thrills me ".

My Birth– by Carmen Winant, (Self Publish, Be Happy / ITY Press)

"It's a fabulous and amazing set of birth photographs, both anonymous taken from the Internet and from the artist's family archive, with photographs of her own mother giving birth to her three children. Childbirth is an intimate and universal moment, and despite being the one that unites all humanity, its representation over time has been quiet or practically nil. Winant, with his accumulation of images, creates an extraordinary rhythm between tension and liberation. In the middle of the photographs we find the text of the artist's own diary, her experience and exploration of the moment of childbirth, her reflection on the invisibility and difficulty in verbalizing and transmitting this common experience. A raw and absolutely wonderful book! ".

Datero Cage 18 of several authors (photographers, designers, artists and graffiti artists)

"It is the result of a collective workshop that took place in Lima, Peru, this summer, of which there are only 25 copies. Julián Barón, one of its authors, is one of the most radical and subversive photographers of the current photographic panorama, always questioning the creation and use and consumption of the image. Far from any glimpse of the "art market", its practice is increasingly collaborative. Memory of a trauma or absence of it, reuse of the image with photocopies or direct intervention on it are some of the themes and work guidelines that it is currently pursuing. A UFO of resistance and poetry, essential. "

Jörg Colberg

Educator and founder and editor of Conscientious Photography Magazine

On Abortion by Laía Abril (Dewi Lewis)

"A good example that as a contemporary photobook can address complex issues in a way that makes them accessible. Beyond this characteristic, there should not be a need to justify this choice: free and easy access abortion should be a basic right for women. What a shame! "

The Heavens by Barbara Bosworth (Radius Books)

"Barbara Bosworth deserves greater recognition within the world of photography, and beyond. An accomplished photographer, her work on celestial bodies, made with her highly appreciated "8 X 10" camera, demonstrates her height and potential, an opportunity for readers not only to see the sun, the moon and the stars. through photography but also to feel its presence ".

Kleinstadtby Ute & Werner Mahler (Hartmann Projects)

"There is always something of melancholy humanism in the work of these German photographers, who point both to the fact that the world is more complicated than one wishes and to the photographer's unwavering faith that things will get better (although that may take time). Pointing his camera to the depressed world of small German cities, the Mahlers find an unexpected beauty where one least expects it. "

Oliva María Rubio

Artistic Director and Director of the Master PHotoEspaña / Escuela PIC.A

The Soviet century. Russian photograph of the Lafuente Archive 1917-1972. (Factory)

"Published on the occasion of the exhibition held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in the context of PHotoESPAÑA 2018, this book gathers about the Soviet era, photography in the context of the history and history of Russian photography, as well as a A large selection of photographs from the Lafuente Archive, from the revolution of October 1917 to the 1970s, through the photographs, many of them by well-known authors such as Alexander Rodchenko, Boris Ignatovich, Max Alpert or El Lissitzky, we are following the vicissitudes from a country that went from great hopes to the most atrocious dictatorship and also suffered the hardships of World War II. "

Aura by David Jiménez (Dalpine)

"This book, third of its author, largely follows the guidelines of the previous ones, Infinito (2000) and Versus (2014), endowing them with their own stamp: absence of text, full-page black and white images, confronted Sometimes resembling continuity, predominance of black or white, a work that plunges us into a dream world where reality mixes with the dream and invites us to unravel the keys of the web of relations between those two states that often escape us " .

Belly by Nadia del Pozo (Underworld / Hydra)

"Published by the editorial of Hydra Fotografía de México, which works with the authors helping them to find their own language and using artisan techniques, Vientre explores the relationships and contrasts between beauty and cruelty, between desire and the multiple facets of appetite in the context of relations with animals, with the family, with the land and the memory.Made in La Mixteca, Oaxaca, Mexico, in an annual event where local goats are sacrificed, del Pozo takes us into that territory where beauty and savagery are found. "

Eduardo Nave

Photographer, winner of the PHotoEspaña Award for Best Photography Book, 2018

On Abortion by Laia Abril (Dewi Lewis)

"An uncomfortable topic that we should always talk about, a woman's right because of her condition that only the woman herself should decide." The book is very well structured, it's very Laia Abril, and to make matters worse, it's the first part of her project A History of Misogyny, I'm looking forward to seeing the second part.

White night by Feng Lee (Jiazazhi Press)

First monographic (and essential) of the author, of which his second edition has been published. It is much more than street photography. It is a way of being, of searching and photographing. It is his way of seeing and maybe understanding the world around him. I always wonder how the hell he finds such characters in such impressive scenes.

Behind the glass of Alexandra Cattier (Chose Commune)

The best photography books of 2018

A curious and interesting book, gives off emotion and intimacy, divided into two parts; the "classic" with beautiful portraits through windows and travel landscapes, and the other part with cameraless experiments. What I would highlight most is the putting on the page, it's like having two books inside one.

Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine

Photographer and designer

Radial Grammar by Batia Suter, (Roma Publications / Le Bal)

"Published on the occasion of the retrospective of the artist in the center Le Bal and whose design reverberates its beautiful Surface Series (2011), Radial Grammar presents an accumulation of images belonging to the extraordinary collection that the artist has been treasuring, composed of printed images found in old books and magazines. Unifying a wide variety of topics, ranging from the natural sciences to the history of art and beyond, consistently achieves its way of incorporating images of the past as a structural element for a new poetic grammar. This is based on correspondences, on echoes, and finally, on the visual pleasure of discovery. "

Waffenruhe by Michael Schmidt (Walther Koenig)

"Finally, one of the most relevant books of the last century is reissued, making it possible for this innovative work to inspire a new generation of visual artists: the transgressive and modern sequencing of the dark and evocative photographs of the Berlin of the eighties- many of which they include the threatening image of the Wall – it is an example of how the psychological potential of the medium can be used to express political unrest ".

Dyckman Haze of Adam Pape, (MACK)

"This is the first book by this American artist, and it takes place in the parks of upper Manhattan, navigating ambiguously between day and night, its extraordinary black and white images portraying the peculiar magic inherent in these fragile escapades, where groups of solitary young people and animals create their own and parallel world, a world that, if not created in its entirety, is certainly intensified and magnified by Pape's tangential approach to photography ".

Alfredo De Stéfano

Director of the photography festival Luz del norte, Mexico

The wrath of devotion by Liza Ambrossio (Deserts Editions / The Factory)

"Everything begins with a terrible threat that her mother throws at the artist at the beginning of the book, what follows is the destruction of an order for which she is never prepared." A dark and anguished book with a sequence of powerful, beautiful and sombre, where the author tries to exorcise her past based on images of a broken memory ".

Christoph Wiesner

Artistic director of Paris Photo

Seem like by Sophie Calle (Editions Xavier Barral)

"Sophie Calle's latest book is presented in the form of a divinatory, elegant and original game that demonstrates the singular process of the artist as a photographer." Hidden images inside envelopes reveal complex, as well as simple, associations with the text that the accompany and invite the reader to participate in the artist's imagination ".

A Thousand Crossings by Sally Man (National Gallery of Art, Washington / Abrams)

"Published on the occasion of the artist's retrospective at the National Gallaery of Art – one of the most fascinating exhibitions of the year – the catalog offers an in-depth analysis of various aspects of his work, including land, history, death and the memory through different genres: the portrait, the landscape, and the architectural photography and make reference to the historical processes that characterize his work, the elegant and tactile design captures the skill of this great artist ".

Radical Grammar by Batia Suter (Roma Publications)

"Radical Grammar intuitively brings together found images whose association causes surprising reactions and interesting narratives.Willems, its designer, used two layers of black in the print creating a double image effect and attenuation reminiscent of his cinematographic work, also included in The exhibition".


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