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The best performances of the 'Blind Auditions'

Las mejores actuaciones de las ‘Audiciones a ciegas’

Blind auditions
The voice
came to an end with the last installment of this Tuesday, where finally, the coaches they completed their teams. However, it has not been an easy road. Paulina Rubio, Antonio Orozco and Luis Fonsi have starred moments to choose each of their talents. The fights and blocks have been continuous. There were few places and many participants with impressive vocal quality. In fact, there have been seven performances that we could catalog of top.

And they are for various reasons: to get the full jury, for being an example of overcoming, to excite the coaches... And mainly, for having an instrument in the throat capable of reaching the heart.

Before starting the Assaults, the second phase of the contest, we collect the seven best performances of The voice of Antena 3. To enjoy!

Gala 1

Palomy López thrills Pablo López

The most emotional moment of the premiere of The voice It came with the second contestant of the edition. Palomy López, from Ciudad Real, left all the coaches speechless, but above all Pablo López. And is that the participant has climbed the stage to play Fallen Angel
, the well-known song composed by the Malaga coach. After a few seconds of action, Pablo pressed the button and could not contain the tears before the emotionality of the performance of Palomy.

"Sung by you makes sense ...", expressed the singer while hugging her after the performance. In addition, he moved with her to the piano of the musicians to interpret it a cappella and live. Magical moment! And as expected ... First contestant for Pablo López's team!

Gala 3

Andrés Iwsaki gets the full with his piano

Undoubtedly, the most talked-about performance in the third installment was that of Andrés Iwsaki. The 22-year-old from Seville took the stage to sit in front of the piano and interpret his proposal. The singer was clear: "It is necessary to leave the comfort zone and prepare for new challenges."
Is this love by Bob Marley was the selected theme
by the artist who was the only one of the evening who achieved full coaches.

Luis Fonsi and Antonio Orozco turned to the first note, Paulina Rubio then, and finally, Pablo Lopez did not want to miss the performance and pressed the button. "Do you know why you do not dedicate yourself to music? Why music is dedicated to you "said Pablo López. Again, Andrés stayed with the Malaga.

Gala 4

Lion, third full of the edition

Lion of 18 years was born in Ecuador but lives in Barcelona and went to the format to prove that being weird today is a virtue. Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, the young artist surprised the coaches with a impressive version of Toxic by Britney Spears.

Antonio and Pablo turned to listen to the first note and Luis and Paulina were slow to press the button. "What you just did with the guitar is what I've been dreaming of doing since I started. Today the magic has been you. Congratulations, "said Antonio. Lion, with that third plenary session, finally chose Luis Fonsi.

Gala 6

The emotional example of overcoming Miriam Fernández

The sixth installment of Blind auditions of The voice It started with the most emotional performance of the evening. Miriam Fernández was the first protagonist of the delivery. "I do not want to give any pain. I am very happy. You can not say that I have a disability because I am like that", Said the participant who had a malformation in her legs that prevented her from walking normally.

With the desire has been the selected theme
by Miriam Fernández who showed that she deserved a place in the Antena 3 music contest. "There are things that can not be seen but are perceived. Since you started singing there was a special energy ... That imperfection in the voice is what makes us fall in love. Listening to you was very nice", Said Fonsi, who together with Antonio and Pablo turned around. "Let your smile change the world but do not let the world change your smile", Miriam said that, in the end, she stayed with Luis Fonsi.

Gala 7

Lorena Santos, the youngest of the edition

The participant became the youngest artist to join one of the four teams of the musical contest. With only 17 years old, he took the stage to interpret a beautiful version of
I do not give up by Luis Fonsi
with which he convinced the author of the song, Pablo López and Antonio Orozco.

"I had never heard such a beautiful version of this song like the one I just heard ... I swear it for my two children. I hope I can hear you much more on my computer. I am completely in love with you, "said Luis Fonsi. Despite having interpreted a theme of his, Lorena preferred Antonio Orozco.

Gala 10

Álvaro de Luna achieves a new full

The gala 10 started in style. Álvaro de Luna was the first protagonist of the evening taking the stage to interpret a nice version of The skinny girl of Palo Syrup. The Sevillian managed to conquer the four coaches in record time and starred in a well-deserved full. Antonio Orozco was the first to press the button, but his teammates soon followed him.

"I've never been clear until this moment. It gives me more heart I stay with Pablo López", Concluded Álvaro de Luna, who is already part of Pablo's team.

Gala 11

Sandra Groove, the only remake of the edition, closes Pablo López's team

Yes, Sandra Groove is the only participant of the Blind auditions what He had a second chance. And it is that, the format added in its regulation that the coaches they would have the opportunity to save one of the participants after not getting into any training ... Sandra was the chosen one and achieving what she could not on the previous occasion.

Paulina Rubio turned to the few seconds of action, like Pablo Lopez who also decided to block Antonio Orozco again. "I know a lot of opportunities. What a wonderful voice, what a wonder of you, what a joy that this happens in The voice
", Affirmed Pablo López. "I have imagined this moment many times but it always ends with the same person ... That person is Pablo", ditched Sandra Groove closing in this way the team of Pablo López.

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