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The best performances of Andrés Martín

Las mejores actuaciones de Andrés Martín en ‘La Voz’

This 22-year-old from Madrid could not imagine when he played in the Madrid Metro that it would end up being the new winner of
The voice
. Andrés Martín landed on the talent of Antena 3 with his guitar. Music is your life. It has served as therapy to overcome a depression because of his bullying problems at school. So when he sang 'Dancing on my own' by Callum Scott and managed to get Pablo López and Antonio Orozco to turn their chairs at the same time, their utopia began to be fulfilled.

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From singing melodies in wagons of the Madrid subway to triumph in a national television program. This has been his step The voice and the best performances that he has made to proclaim himself the deserved winner ofl talent show.

The voice

'Dancing on my own' in the 'Blind Auditions'

The fifth gala of the Blind Auditions started with one of the most moving stories of the night. Andrés Martín managed to get two of the coaches to turn around when they heard him. "How good it is for God", said Pablo López before the Madrid native chose him. "Music saved me from very strong things," he explained to a most excited audience.

The voice

'Wake me up' in 'The Assaults'

Once again, he was the first participant to go on stage. It happened in the fourth installment of the Assaults. Andrés, just accompanied by his acoustic guitar and with his nerves to the surface, excited singing 'Wake me up' and wasting talent in abundance. So much so, that Pablo López and Miriam had it clear at the time of choosing him. They decided to save him the first time.

The voice

'All I Want' in the 'Final Battle'

Andrés Martín and Andrés Iwasaki fought a duel in this Final Battle. If the two participants managed to thrill their coach in the piano rehearsals, they did it again on the stage of Antena 3. All I Want, the song they played, left all the coaches of La Voz speechless. "Nothing is going to surpass what you have done here today," said Miriam after the performance. And is that, as another coach said: "They are two geniuses." Finally, Pablo opted for the feeling of Andrés Martín.

The voice

'Hallelujah' in the Direct

Once again, Andrés left the entire set of La Voz silent with his magical rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' during the Directives. Madrid's talent not only impressed by its vocal power, but above all, by its so beautiful way of moving. "You are music, you are very big. Line 10 of the Madrid subway would have to call it the music line. The line would have to reach infinity, "said Pablo López.

The voice

'Can not help falling in love' in the Semifinal

Once again, accompanied by his guitar, Andrés managed to make magic on the stage of La Voz. Although Auba was at the height of the moment, finally the public chose the underground singer. His interpretation of Elvis Presley's legendary 'Can not help falling in love' left everyone speechless. And it is that the Madrilenian showed that his sensitivity is what captivates the viewer.

The voice

'When a man loves a woman' in the Final

The finalist of the team of Pablo López, came to the Final of La Voz stepping on the stage with great force. Andrés left his nerves behind to fall in love with a unique version of Michael Bolton's 'When a man loves a woman' in his solo performance. This was the culmination to rise as the winner of the Antena 3 talent.

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