June 21, 2021

The best moments of the Golden Globes 2019 | Culture

The best moments of the Golden Globes 2019 | Culture

Two glasses and humor

A gesture was enough for Jim Carrey. Presenters Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were already approaching the end of their initial speech, surrounded by a certain coldness, no matter how hard they tried. Then, they asked the actor for help. Specifically, in fact, they tried to throw him out, because he was sitting among the guests of the cinema, despite being nominated for a series, Kidding. And he responded with one of his natural talents: to make people laugh. He pretended to be indignant, put two glasses over his eyes to see well and look worse at Oh and Samberg and gave away one of the images of the night.

Your prize, for her

Carol Burnett won the Carol Burnett Award. Although, just before the delivery, competitors came out. "The nominees are Christian Bale, Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas and Carol Burnett," Steve Carell clarified from the stage. The veteran actress appeared crossing her fingers with her famous smile. That which brings life to the spectators for six decades. That is why the Golden Globes devised an award that from the next edition will celebrate some other myth of television but today encumbed the actress, at 85 years old. "What remains the same for all who are lucky enough to work on television is that we had the opportunity to paint a canvas to make the audience laugh or cry," said the singer, the first woman to have her sketch program , with proper name: The Carol Burnett Show. Half a century later, the program has 25 Emmy awards, of which six went to the actress.

Freddie Malek

Bohemian Rhapsody has swept the halls of half the world. His interpretation of Freddie Mercury has convinced critics and audiences, so much so that there he was, nominated as best drama actor. But Rami Malek was also noted for his performances during the gala. Like his photo with Brian May, Jim Beach and Roger Taylor, on the red carpet. With the guitarist of Queen came back to cross and joke during the gala. And he also stopped to chat with Lady Gaga for a while. They could talk about how to get to be a divo of cinema and music at the same time.

Standing for Regina King

Regina King took the stage to pick up her Golden Globe. She thanked him, celebrated it, but also took advantage of something else. "Our microphones are great and we can talk to a lot of people, I promise that everything I'm going to produce in the next two years will have 50% women," Regina King released, with the prize for best supporting actress for The blues of Beale Street In hands. Many got up to applaud in the hall. And King was more: he challenged everyone present "with power" to join his commitment.


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