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The best moments of the edition

Los mejores momentos de la edición de ‘GH Dúo’

Big Brother Duo
has left numerous moments for the posterity of the viewers. This edition of the reality vip reconverted into couples -even or dissolved- has fallen in love with the audience. The figures support it, because its final gala It has garnered an average of four million viewers. However, to get there, many things have had to happen.

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As soon as we arrived, the confession of Carolina Sobe about Fortu. Who would have thought that both had previously had something. In fact he denied it, even though she insisted that his attraction to the singer was too strong and that he had to cut himself.

Big Brother Duo

There have been few

Once the contest advanced the relationship Julio Ruz - María Jesús Ruiz took more and more prominence. And is that the darts of the model to which he had been his partner did not stop ringing. One of the most outstanding was the "You are so ugly" after the New Year. Without a doubt, it has no waste.

Went with Antonio Roof with whom he also maintained a brief idyll within the reality show. Thus, between alcohol debauchery came the wedding, the accusations and the microphones. Yes, the microphones. So Ylenia justified one of the most tense moments of the edition.

Precisely the winner of GH Duo has been one of the main protagonists of this edition. The clearest examples were the dethroning of Sofia Suescun as the queen of the realities and the expulsion of Ylenia. Both were two clear favorites to take the briefcase, but it was not like that. In fact, Benidorm took his departure fatally.

"I have no idea why I'm leaving, but I do not understand or care," she said, recriminating María Jesús Ruiz to cry. "But with tears or without? It gives me a lot of 'peni', "he added.

But without a doubt if a moment will be remembered of this edition is the hit starring the winner of the format in the purest style summer song. The weekly tests of GH Duo they can give a lot, the view is there, and María Jesús Ruiz did not miss the opportunity to give everything with this dance.

Finally, on behalf of all of Spain, María Jesús Ruiz herself was the clear example of the global feeling when she learned that Isabel Pantoja, who had just entered the house of Guadalix de la Sierra to see Kiko Rivera, I was going to compete in Survivors

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