January 28, 2021

The best methods to change and choose the cheapest provider in insurance, mobile and banking

The best methods to change and choose the cheapest provider in insurance, mobile and banking


Choosing the cheapest suppliers for household supplies would save, on average, 936.08 euros per year, which means cut by 7% the average cost that the invoices generate in the family economy, which amounts to 13,054.41 euros on average. However, the snip can reach up to 3,571.33 euros per year (27% less) if the services that a home has contracted are among the most expensive in the market and the best offers are contracted. This is confirmed by an analysis carried out by Kelisto.es, which analyzes the maximum, average and minimum cost generated in a household by 12 essential services: car, home, life, health and motorcycle insurance; internet and mobile telephony; mortgage, checking account, personal loan and credit card; gas and electricity.

In fact, Spanish families spend, on average, 29,188.19 euros a year, a budget that has experienced a cut of 8% in the last decade. Of the total of its expenses, almost half (44.72%) is destined to the payment of household bills, a percentage that goes up in autonomous communities such as Extremadura (57.04%), Canarias (54.58%), Castilla-La Mancha (52.25%) or Asturias (49.41%) 3

"Compare and opt for the most economical service providers in the market would save up to 12.24% of the total budget of a home (29,188.19 euros), a figure that would be even higher in communities like Extremadura (15.6% ), Canary Islands (14.93%) and Castilla-La Mancha (14.29%). This cut in expenses, besides being good news for the consumer, makes even more sense if we take into account that 1.63 million families (8.8% of the total) admit having had delays in the payment of their bills in the last year. This rate has increased by 33% in the last decade, "explains the editor of Kelisto.es, Estefanía González.

By Autonomous Communities, the regions where the percentage of families that have had the most delays in paying their bills have grown have been the Canary Islands (+ 129.55%, with 168,508 households), Extremadura (+ 129.17%, 47,201 households) and Comunitat Valenciana (+ 113.85%, 277,471 households). At the other extreme are the Comunidad Foral de Navarra (where the percentage has fallen by 74.71% in the last decade) and La Rioja, where the figure has fallen by 54.74%.

"The margin of savings of families can vary, even depending on the type of services we have hired, as with telecommunications. In this case, the biggest cut in spending could be achieved if we only have a mobile phone contract (with a maximum possible savings of 82.76%, which is equivalent to 288 euros per year), followed by internet services more fixed (maximum savings of 54.20%, that is, 425.40 euros per year). Interestingly, the smallest margin is in the services most contracted by Spanish consumers, the most mobile Internet, where the maximum cut would only reach 26.13% (156.6 euros per year), "explains the communications spokesperson. Kelisto.es, Sara Perales.

On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of Consumer Rights, which is celebrated this March 15, Kelisto.es has developed a guide which explains how and how long it takes to change the provider of household bills:


Since January 2016, the term to cancel an insurance policy in our country is one month, although the two-month period that the insurer has to maintain changes in the conditions of the policy or the intention not to renew it is maintained. Although, in most cases, it is sufficient to inform the company by telephone about the intention to cancel the policy, It is advisable to communicate the resignation in writing or, consult with the insurer what is your usual procedure for these cases.

Mobile telephony

The time foreseen for the change of telephone company by the current legislation is one business day from the moment the user reaches an agreement with the new operator, although in cases where the SIM must be sent by mail the process can be be delayed until the new card is received.

If you have requested a portability (that is, if you want to keep your phone number), your company will receive the request from the new operator and will process the withdrawal of the services automatically. If you have not requested portability, you will first have to unsubscribe with your current company, it is not enough to hire the new operator to cancel the previous rate.

Fixed and internet

Users can change the fixed telephone company in a single working day requesting portability, which allows to go to another operator free of charge, keeping the number. However, in the case of broadband packages with fixed telephony, the maximum term is six days, since the operators – both the one that loses the client and the one that wins it – have to perform extraordinary tasks in the telephone exchange to provide the broadband service.

In the case of broadband packages with fixed telephony, the maximum term is six days

In the case of fixed portability, the operator who wins the client is obliged to inform the user of the deadline to cancel their portability. To do so, you must address him and not the company you had in the beginning. Remember, yes, some companies may charge you an extra for the services already provided if you cancel the portability to the new line.


Contrary to what happens when you want to take your mobile phone line to another company, changing a bank mortgage is not a process in which the consumer has the last word. To this day, in order to carry out a mortgage subrogation, the client must follow the following steps:

-Find a more attractive offer than you have with your current bank and propose the change to the new entity.

– Wait for the bank you want to change to inform your current bank that you want to leave (through a notary) and ask for information about your loan. From that moment, your bank will have 15 days to cancel the operation (also before a notary) and will have another 10 days to make a better offer than the one offered by the entity you wanted to go to.

With the new mortgage law (which will come into force in June), this dance of offers and counteroffers will change substantially because the client will be the only one with decision power

-If the counteroffer from your bank is better than the one made by the other entity, you will have no choice but to stay but, if not, you can already decide what to do with your mortgage.

But nevertheless, with the new mortgage law (which will take effect in June), this dance of offers and counteroffers will change substantially because it will be the client the only one with decision power. With its entry into force will also be established new deadlines to perform all the procedures involved in this process:

-When the consumer has accepted the offer of a new entity, it will notify its current bank, which will have seven calendar days to certify the amount that will be subrogated.

Once this information has been communicated, the bank of which the customer is still a consumer will have 15 calendar days to present a counter offer, but if the latter does not accept it, after that time, the subrogation will proceed.

Bank accounts

Until now, there were no regulations governing the transfer of an account from one bank to another. In practice, you had to go to a new bank, open an account and modify all your charges and direct debits to reach your new entity, without forgetting to cancel the previous account correctly.

But nevertheless, On March 25, a new regulation will come into force that will force your old and your new entity to take care of everything, which will allow the portability of your bank account to be made within a maximum period of about 12 days. The new process to change your bank account will have several phases, which will be shared between the two banks involved in the transfer. Of course, for your part, the first thing you should do will be ask for the transfer request form bank account you want your new bank to be. From this moment, it will be the new entity that manages all the steps.

Since your new bank requests all the information and the balance in your account, your old entity will have five business days to send your new bank all the information

Since you receive your form to make the portability of your bank account, your new entity will have within two business days to apply to your former former bank a list of the transfer and direct debit orders in your account and information on the transfers you usually receive (corresponding to the last 13 months). You will also have to request the transfer of the balance that you had in your old account and the closing of the account that you had in your old bank and of all the products associated with it (for example, the cards).

Five business days after receiving all the information you requested from your former bank, Your new entity will have to do all the necessary procedures to keep the transfer orders and direct debits that had in your old account. You should also provide your account information to those who used to make periodic transfers (for example, in the case of your payroll, give the data of your account to the company for which you work).

For your part, since your new bank asks for all the information and the balance in your account, your old entity will have five business days to send all the information requested to your new bank, cancel any transfer order, transfer the balance that was in your old account to the new one, close your old account (from the date you have indicated) and as long as you do not have pending payments associated with that account. Also, your old bank will not be able to block your means of payment (for example, cards) before the date you indicated in your account change request.

Personal loans

Personal loans can not be exchanged from the bank as it is with mortgages. In this case, the only option that the consumer has is through cancel the loan you have and open a new one in another entity, without there being fixed deadlines to carry out these procedures. Before taking the step, it is essential to take account: both the cancellation and the opening of a new personal loan can entail the payment of commissions. Therefore, the advantages that are obtained with the change must be considerable enough so that they annul the effect that those expenses will suppose.

Gas and electricity

To change the energy company, all you have to do is get in touch with the new company you want to hire and she will take care of the paperwork. You only have to send the signed contract along with the documentation that you request: usually it is enough with the DNI, the bank details for the direct debit of the payments and the supply data, that is, the CUPS code that appears on the invoices and that identifies each point of energy supply.

To change the energy company, all you have to do is get in touch with the new company and she will take care of the paperwork

The change of company occurs between 15 and 20 days after the request. It should be remembered that the change of company does not imply cuts in the supply. This change will not entail any additional cost, unless you have a permanence clause with your current marketer. It is recommended that you review your contract to verify that you do not have any commitment to stay.


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