Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The best memes of the winner María Jesús Ruiz

Los mejores ‘memes’ de ‘GH Dúo’ tras conocer a la ganadora

It took almost four hours since the beginning of the program for the audience to know the name of the winner of
GH Duo
. until María Jesús Ruiz was crowned as the winner of the reality, almost everything happened live. Isabel Pantoja visiting Guadalix, her reunion with Kiko, allegation before the cameras ... Booing from set against the Miss Spain, the broadcast of her worst moments in the house, the defense of her mother Juani ... The accusations of tongo in social networks ... And the briefcase with the 100,000 euros!

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And is that a final like that of Big Brother Duo generates thousands of publications, opinions and reactions. Here you can find the best memes of the final.

María Jesús, winner

Some netizens wanted to remember the crowning moment of Maria Jesus in Miss Spain. Of course, changing the face of Eva González for Kiko Rivera.

Other spectators celebrated it by publishing the last dances of the model in GH Duo

Even They compared their victory with that of Miriam Saavedra in the latest edition of GH VIP. Because despite the boos that were heard from the set, the audience also inclined for it.

Other memes alluded to what was happening during the celebration of the victory of Mary Jesus or the very same reaction of Isabel Pantoja after learning that Kiko Rivera had lost the briefcase. On this last, black humor came to light.

Boos and accusations of tongo

One of the most commented moments by social networks was when María Jesús arrived on the set and the boos and shouts began. Some compared the treatment of Miss in the final with scenes of flogging and martyrdom. Not to mention Kiko's "class" comment when he released him: "I'm known as a cradle. You, sought. "

A few meters from María Jesús, his mother Juani took out her nails to defend her daughter. There were a couple of comments that even covered the mouth of Rivera's followers.

The historic visit of Isabel Pantoja to Big Brother

And finally, although it was actually the first thing that happened in the end of GH Duo, the arrival of Isabel Pantoja to Guadalix de la Sierra, her reunion with Kiko and the allegation made by the tonadillera on camera to convince the public to vote for her. Yesterday, the Pantoja clan made history again!

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