Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The best 'memes' after confirming that Isabel Pantoja will go to 'Survivors'

Los mejores ‘memes’ tras confirmarse que Isabel Pantoja irá a ‘Supervivientes’

It was 20:05 in the afternoon when David Valldeperas, director of Save me, communicated live one of the pump news of the day, of the week and possibly of the year. Isabel Pantoja it became official contestant of Survivors 2019
. Although days ago, the program's own direction denied this possibility, it seems that negotiations with the tonadillera took place behind their backs. That is, Pantoja spoke directly with Paolo Vasile, making her the star signing of the chain.

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As a result of the confirmation, the social networks turned the singer into the most wanted and, of course, the memes and jokes about his participation did not wait.

The first to use the sense of humor and the Gifs to announce the new contestant was the Mediaset itself. The chain used the famous 'paseíllo' that Pantoja made on the set of Telecinco when her son Kiko Rivera was expelled from Survivors in 2011. That meeting was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the group of communication and the singer, although over time the good tune was cut short.

In fact, it is now thanks to Survivors 2019 and to millionaire contract that he has signed with Mediaset -According to Week-, that years of litigation in the courts have ended. Because the bond would not break after the reality, if not talk about his incursion into some other program, and even, make a biographical series about his life.

There are many spectators who They already want to see Isabel Pantoja in Honduras, overcoming the adversities of a reality very hard and competing as one more participant. Of course, how do you imagine your time on the island?

Some followers come to mind one of their letters, "the fire is on", for when they get to light the fire; expressions of yours as characteristic as "Wonderful" or "you will not record me anymore"; or the way he would get to the beach after jump from the helicopter.

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