April 11, 2021

The best ideas for not spending cold in the snow, Canal ski, La Provincia

The best ideas for not spending cold in the snow, Canal ski, La Provincia

To protect ourselves from the low temperatures and enjoy a winter day it is important to choose the clothes well


To enjoy the snow, whether it's skiing or if you snow, or get off by sledge, it is necessary to take a good kit that helps us to carry out the activity correctly and that keeps us isolated from the cold and the inclemency of the climatology. Therefore, to protect ourselves from the low temperatures and fully enjoy a winter day is important choose properly our wardrobe. Next, we offer you some ideas to go to the last and, above all, well protected.

The best panties for the neck or buffs

The best buffs

Buff, panty, tubular handkerchief, gaiter or magic scarf. Surely, recognize some of these meanings that designate this garment in the form of a cut-off pant leg designed to protect the head and neck. This add-on is indispensable, especially for those who practice sports or work outdoors since it is freezing cold, sun or dust.

The best earmuffs for winter

The best earmuffs

The most used add-ons for it's the scarves, but there is another garment that in northern countries has a great acceptance and that for some years begins to have its prominence in Spain: the earmuffs

This accessory, invented a century and a half ago, helps to combat the gliding temperatures, while giving a different and modern touch to our outfit.

The experts of the GAES hearing centers (multinational company for the correction of hearing) strongly advise them, especially for children and the elderly, who are prone to catch cold and catch ear infections.

These protectors can ber the solution so that your ears are well protected during the winter season.

The best gloves and cheap mittens

The best gloves

If the cold invades us, as is already happening in some cities, or we have the idea of ​​playing sports in the snow as the skiing, snowboarding Or, simply, spend a day pulling down the hill with the sled, do not forget to buy a pair of gloves to protect the hands of cold and annoying sabaones.

And it is that the hands are the extremities, together with the feet, that previously take and lose temperature, so it is convenient to have them hot to maintain sensitivity and dexterity when using, for example, the sticks in the practice of skiing

To make the choice easy, a study has been carried out among the best models of mid-range gloves and at an affordable price to select five that fit all types of profiles and needs.

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