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The best boxes of experiences to give on Valentine's Day

The best boxes of experiences to give on Valentine's Day

East Valentine's Day It can be very special for those who decide to give a box of experiences instead of something ephemeral like chocolates or flowers.

This option has been in vogue for a few years now and there are thousands of lovers who are inclined to enjoy together a romantic dinner under the light of candles, a treatment of well-being as a couple, a balloon flight from where I shout I love you in full lung or a getaway to a European capital (for the most urbanites) or a rural inn (for nature lovers).

The options are multiple, and it is important to trace the market to select the best chests of experiences that offer different alternatives for all tastes: travel, gastronomy, wellness, health and relaxation or adventure.

All of them are made up of a guide that includes the possible experiences and accommodations, although hundreds of them are offered in some chests, sometimes in the brochure they include the favorites and the rest must be viewed through the web of each brand.

Inside you will also find the gift card with the code that will make the reservation of your experience effective.

There are some important aspects that you should know before opting for one of these gift boxes that you will read below:

  • Date of Expiry. The validity is determined by each brand. So there are boxes that expire a year and others that can be used up to three years after the date of purchase. Of course, in the case of wanting to book a hotel room, it is recommended to check that you continue to work with the associated brand to avoid surprises.
  • Change option. If the gift box is not what was expected, some brands facilitate the option to change it without additional charges and during the validity time of it.
  • Guarantee against theft or loss. This service is good for the clueless. Some of these companies guarantee the use of the gift box even if it is not physically available -because of loss or theft. It is only necessary to register in the corresponding website, and in this way you already know who belongs and if you have been redeemed.

Surprise your Valentine in choosing one of the following selected experiences (with all the love in the world) and with prices between 30 and 300 euros.

DAKOTABOX: A day together

Choosing a Dakotabox is to ensure the ideal gift for your couple on Valentine's Day. Among its 37 boxes (offering almost 60,000 experiences), the favorite is Un día juntos.

Couples will share memorable appointments such as a couple's massage with essential oils, a romantic getaway, a delicious dinner, a kayak trip or a visit to a winery.

In total there are 1,720 experiences. The choice will depend on how well you know the tastes of your partner to surprise her on such a special day as February 14.

Although the explanatory book that includes is extensive, not all options appear. That's why you have to go to the Dakotabox website to see it completely.

It has a validity of 3 years and offers the free possibility to register it on the web to ensure the gift voucher against loss or theft, as well as the option to exchange it for another gift box without charges and without limit, during the validity date, and without the obligation to explain the reason.

This Valentine gives you unforgettable experiences to live as a couple. Choose a nice paper to wrap the surprise or have everything planned and be able to strengthen ties by spending "a day together".

Wonderbox: Disconnect two days

The company Wonderbox is one of the oldest in offering boxes of experiences inspired by a British model that has existed for years. The objective is to share a gift that really gives enthusiasm and with which to spend great moments as a couple.

'Disconnect two days' is another option to surprise your partner with a getaway on Valentine's Day. With this chest the lovebirds can enjoy a night with breakfast in one of its 600 inns, haciendas, country houses, rural houses and hotels located in the middle of nature. It is the best gift for those who want to escape the stress of everyday life in the city and need to breathe fresh air with the person you love.

These 600 rooms are not only located in Spain. You can also choose accommodation in other European countries such as Belgium, France, Portugal or Italy.

If you do not have time to choose a destination between now and February 14, do not worry because this gift voucher is valid for 3 years and 3 months from the date of purchase. Wonderbox also gives the possibility of making the free or extension change if necessary. The conditions to carry it out are explained on its website.

Smartbox: Spa and massage for two

Smartbox Group is the benchmark and creator of the concept of experience boxes, with annual sales of millions, a presence in 10 European countries and 40,000 collaborating establishments.

Among all their gift boxes, experts have selected one of the most sold and valued by customers: Spa and massage for two. It is the best option to impress your partner and go crazy (love) among the 1,320 options proposed by this detailed guide.

In this case it is about enjoying in hotels with a spa or experiencing wellness experiences such as a relaxing massage, a Turkish bath, a thermal circuit or a chocolate wrap. There are them for all tastes, but they have in common that they will serve to disconcert from day to day, relax and pamper themselves as a couple.

It has a validity of 2 years, with free exchange option and no time limit during those 24 months, it offers a free guarantee in case of loss or theft (see conditions in www.smartbox.com) and guarantee that almost 100% of the Spanish geography has four establishments located less than 50 kilometers from any point.

Spa or massage, what do you prefer? Look for the most irresistible option and make this Valentine an unforgettable day.

Life is beautiful: I love you!

Life is beautiful is a project created in 2006 with an "ambition": to offer "plans to live life to the fullest". This box is the favorite of the most romantic lovers. And the cover speaks for itself I love you!

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, maite zaitut, I appreciate you … These two words sound beautiful in any language. And what better day to pronounce them than a February 14 with a gift? The chocolates are over and the flowers wither, but living one of the 3,450 experiences suggested by this box you will remember forever.

You just have to choose the plan that fits your way of being. For that there are 1,100 rooms with breakfast for two people in cozy hotels, 1,500 wellness treatments to get away from the overwhelming routine, 320 romantic dinners for foodies or passionate about gastronomy, and 530 adventure activities for the most active.

The gift box is valid for 36 months and, like other brands, offers an unlimited free exchange during that period, together with the guarantee in case of loss or subtraction (www.lavidaesbella.es). Carpe Diem!

WAYNABOX: Surprise trip for two!

The Waynabox surprise chest is the ideal gift for couples who love to travel. It is a gift box for two people that includes roundtrip flights, two nights accommodation in a European city and … a feature that sets it apart from its competitors: the destination is surprise and is discovered two days before flying.

The process is simple. You have to redeem the code included in the box on the Waynabox website, then choose the dates for the trip (three days and two nights), discover the 12 destinations that have been automatically selected, eliminate the cities that you least want to visit or already They have visited and wait until two days before the date to discover what the final destination is.

How exciting, right? At that moment you will receive an email with the plane tickets, the hotel where you will be staying and an exclusive travel guide.

There are more than 60 destinations with hotels really well rated by Tripadvisor, central, quality and with good communications with public transport.

In addition, with an additional cost you can add breakfast to tour the city and start the day with strength.

It should be noted that, unlike the other gift boxes of this comparative, Waynabox offers a year of validity, so you do not have to rest on your laurels since the investment is high and it would be a pity to lose the gift. It also does not give the option of change, so we will have to be sure of the dates.

Paris, Rome, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna … What destiny will lovers discover?

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