The best European pizza of 2021 is eaten in Spain and includes chorizo ​​from León

Madrid, Jul 30 (EFE) .- The Pizza of the Year 2021 is called diavola, it has chorizo ​​from León and is made in Fratelli Figurato, the pizzeria run in Madrid by the Neapolitan brothers Riccardo and Vittorio Figurato, who have also managed to get on the podium of the best pizzerias in Europe according to the 50 Top Pizza Europe ranking.

“My team of artisans and I are grateful because for us these awards are like giving us a Michelin star,” Vittorio Figurato tells Efe.

He adds that the secret of their casertano-style pizzas – which follows the precepts of Caserta, near Naples – is the dough with “thick edges full of air and a very light base that makes it almost melt in your mouth” in which they use baking techniques and carefully measure temperatures.

The winner of the Best Pizza 2021 in Europe, the diavola de León, is a “tribute to Spain” thanks to an ingredient from the country such as the semi-spicy chorizo ​​from this city.

The highest position in the ranking of 50 Top Pizza in Europe corresponds to the Parisian establishment Peppe Pizzeria, owned by the pizza master Peppe Cutraro, and in second position is Via Toledo Enopizzería, Francesco Calò’s establishment in Vienna, according to the organization in a statement.

France and Spain top the list, with 5 restaurants each; England and Germany with four each, three for Denmark and Russia, and two for Switzerland, Belgium and Finland.

Four other pizzerias in Spain have triumphed in the ranking: Roostiq (Madrid), Barcelona’s Sartoria Panatieri and La Balmesina, and Oro di Napoli (Tenerife).

“The high number of countries represented in the ranking is a testament to how much the concept of quality pizza has spread to almost every corner of the Old Continent”, comment Barbara Guerra, Luciano Pignataro and Albert Sapere, the three curators of the 50 Top Pizza project.

Vittorio Figurato agrees and comments that “today there is a lot of competition and very good pizza all over the world because it is very popular and the products it carries can be easily exported”.

In addition, in this 2021 edition the new Green Furnace award has been created, a recognition that validates the care with which environmental sustainability is practiced in pizzerias and which has gone to Baest (Copenhagen), Sartoria Panatieri (Barcelona) and Lilla Napoli (Falkenberg, Sweden).

The creation of this award aims to increase “respect and the application of good environmental practices by all the members of this immense world pizza community”, underlines the organization of a ranking prepared by anonymous inspectors.


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