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The best dishwashers (Updated: November 2018) ·

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The best dishwashers

Water is a precious and scarce commodity. Only in Spain each citizen consumes more than 170 liters of water per day. One of the solutions to save water is to acquire a good dishwasher. Many people are surprised to know that washing dishes by hand consumes about 30 liters more water than using a dishwasher.

If this information is combined with the convenience and the time saving of using the dishwasher, there is no doubt that it is one of the most important household appliances. The model LP8 820 from Teka It also provides savings in water consumption, low electricity consumption and various washing programs.

These are the dishwasher analyzed in the comparison:

To choose a good dishwasher you have to look at a series of features:

Energy efficiency: you have to take into account the electricity consumption. The categories go from A to D but in recent years the improvement in this sense has been so important that the best categories are A ++ and A +. Within the energetic efficiency also it is necessary to see the consumption of water.

Even though the most efficient devices are more expensive at the time of purchase, they are usually amortized long before the end of their useful life. the saving is much higher.

Noise level: the dishwasher when it is in operation is one of the home appliances Noisiest and most annoying at home. The manufacturers have managed to reduce their noise level. For the choice of the model it is very important that its noise emission does not exceed 50 decibels.

Programs and functions: it is not trivial to consider what kind of programs you have and it is not limited to a matter of taste. If you have the right programs and we make a correct use of them this will also determine the final consumption of the dishwasher. It is recommended that they have a program between 45 to 55 degrees Celsius for economic washes; another one between 55 to 65 degrees and a third one of 65 to 75 degrees for washing with embedded dirt.

Who should buy a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is a great investment. Because it saves time and effort, it cleans dishes, reduces bills and saves energy and water.

Today's appliances are much more efficient than washing dishes by hand. Hand washing a full load of dishes would require about 100 liters of water and 2.7 kWh to heat the water with the heater. Using a dishwasher saves about 10 thousand liters of water and the equivalent of 300 kWh per year if used four times a week. With what that reduces the bill of water, gas and light.

The Dishwashers are also better for disinfecting the dishes since they use water much hotter than anyone could tolerate washing by hand. Soap does not kill germs, hot water does.

Most dishwashers heat water to 55 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit) during a normal cycle and can reach 72 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) in special cycles. Normal tap water can reach 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) and the pain threshold of most people is around 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit).

And thanks to the new enzymatic detergents, ecological cleaning products, it is no longer necessary to pre-wash the dishes. Some of the dishwashers discussed below are perfect for small families, couples or people who live alone.

Analysis of experts, users and buyers

In this comparison, the most sought-after and best-valued models by the buyers have been analyzed by experts and users.

The A ++ energy classification has been decisive to consider that the Teka LP8 820 dishwasher is the purchase recommendation. Its price, its multiple washing programs and its 49 decibels of noise have made this the best valued by experts.

The second option of the experts is the Indesit DFG 26B1 with good technical characteristics for a price of about 300 euros.

The five models have great advantages so it is better to see the individualized analysis.

Teka LP8 820

The dishwasher Teka LP8 820 It stands out for its great energy efficiency. It has a classification of A ++, the best of the analyzed dishwashers, which represents a great saving in the electricity bill.

The maximum noise level of this model is 49 decibels. It must be remembered that the dishwasher is an appliance that is not continuously working, so the noise is emitted only when it is in operation. In addition the data given by the manufacturer is the maximum that comes to produce within the entire wash program.

This Teka model offers six different washing programs. You can vary the temperature from 45 degrees Celsius to 65. You have the option to put only half load and also has digital programming deferred end of up to 24 hours. The deferred purpose is that we tell the dishwasher at what time we want his washing to end.

As extras the LP8 820 It has the upper basket adjustable in height and indicative indicators of lack of salt, rinse aid, remaining time and selected program.

It also has the "Aquastop" system, which, as its name indicates, stops the washing water immediately if we open the dishwasher door. This function is especially useful for when we realize that we need a utensil that is in the dishwasher without delay. So you can open, take whatever and closing the appliance will continue with the washing

A very complete dishwasher with a good price, around 350 euros.

Indesit DFG 26B1

Indesit stands out in all its ranges of household appliances for the competitive prices it offers with very good quality products. In this case, the dishwasher model has been analyzed DFG 26B1 that for about 300 euros has an energy rating of A +. A great saving if what is intended is to replace an old dishwasher. It also incorporates an "Eco" washing program that reduces its washing consumption to 1.04 kilowatts.

The noise level is 49 decibels. It is a good level and more if we consider that it is not a continuous sound.

THE Indesit DFG 26B1 offers six different washing programs. Remember that this feature also helps saving water and light.

It is worth mentioning the half load program that is perfect for small families, couples or independent people who live alone. It allows to have the dishes clean without having to wait to fill the dishwasher. It also means energy savings.

This Indesit model has a delay timer, that is, the dishwasher can be programmed so that the washing cycle is done later. Just leave the detergent ready, select the program and determine when we want it to end.

It has digital led indicator in which we can see the remaining washing time and programs and temperatures are changed through electronic control.

Aesthetically it has a finish in gray stainless steel that makes it suitable to be integrated into any modern kitchen.

Daewoo DDW-MQ1214S

With an ultra modern design with stainless steel gray finish and control screen (display) led dishwasher Daewoo DDW-MQ1214S It can be a great complement to the most avant-garde kitchens.

Its design comes from the hand of a high energy efficiency, A ++, which makes this model also means a great savings in the electricity bill. The manufacturer estimates the annual consumption at 258 kWh.

This model of Daewoo has 8 different washing programs that adapt to the different degrees of dirt of the dishes. Among them are a fast and a turbo.

It also has the option half load that also allows you to choose between the top or bottom load. And it is often filled one area before another washing. With this function you will not have to put the complete wash with the dishwasher without filling for lack of plates or glasses.

DDW-MQ1214S has the possibility of blocking it for children. In this way the smallest of the house can not interrupt the washing without permission of the adults.

It is programmable, you can select at what time it is convenient to finish the washing and the appliance calculates at what time you should start it.

Daewoo has equipped this model with water softener. In cities like Madrid where water quality is remarkable and has little hardness, this function is totally dispensable. On the other hand, if we live in a place on the coast such as in one of the archipelagos or on the Valencian coast, running water has a lot of lime and tra get different solid waste. In these cases, the decalcifier function will lengthen the useful life of the dishwasher, avoid repairs and in the long run will be a great saving.

The maximum noise level of this device is 49 decibels, a very low level and also only reaches its peak when it is fully operational

This dishwasher is for sale above 400 euros which has relegated this model to the third position despite its qualities.

Balay 3VS502IP

The dishwasher Balay 3VS502IP It also offers an energy rating of A + for a price of around 400 euros.

To obtain the best result in the washing of the dishes and also to ensure the least consumption, this Balay model has 5 washing programs. These programs range from the intensive 70 degrees Celsius for those washes with a lot of dry dirt, to the quick wash of 45 degrees Celsius. It also has half load function and "variosspeed" for ultra fast washes.

One of the greatest advantages of Balay 3VS502IP is that it can be connected to cold or hot water. If connected to hot water, the dishwasher reduces water consumption. When receiving the already hot water does not waste anything in the task of heating it for washing.

Another extra to highlight is the deferred end programming function. As in other models you can select at what time you want it to end and the device itself will determine when to start up.

It must be taken into account that the Balay brand gives a 10 year warranty for the tank. This guarantee supposes a peace of mind in the face of possible breakdowns but also shows the confidence of the brand in your product. This translates into tranquility for the buyer due to the quality of the product that he is acquiring.

The 3VS502IP It has digital display to control the remaining wash time and the chosen program. It also indicates when it is necessary to replace salt and rinse aid. This last outstanding function is very useful since it is usual that the proper maintenance of these appliances is not done.

If a dishwasher does not have rinse aid, the drying of the dishes, especially glasses and glasses, will not be correct. The lack of salt affects the non-elimination of lime from the water and this can be embedded inside the appliance and produce white marks on dishes and glasses.

The drawback of this Balay model is noise level. It emits 52 decibels when it is fully operational. It is a bearable level and it is only at the noisiest time of the washing cycle but it is annoying if we agree that we are in the kitchen.

Beko DFN05210X

For just over 250 euros we can buy this Beko brand dishwasher. The DFN05210X offers an A + energy classification for the cheapest price of all the analyzed dishwasher.

Although the assessment of energy consumption in household appliances is the first thing to take into account is not the only thing that must be assessed. This model of Beko has 5 different washing programs to select the one that suits us according to the level of dirtiness of our dishes.

It also has the option of half load, which allows you to load only the upper or lower basket for an easy and economical wash. A great option for those who are few at home.

As extras you have the "watersafe" system that when it detects a water leak automatically closes the water inlet of the dishwasher. This system is vital for when there are leaks due to malfunction of the device but it is also useful on a daily basis. It serves so that if we have to open the door of the dishwasher while it is in full washing to catch something the water automatically stops.

The biggest drawback of this model is its noise level. The 54 decibels it emits when it is in operation are too many and make the rest of its technical qualities remain

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