July 9, 2020

The best deals on laptops and accessories, to anticipate Cyber ​​Monday (Updated: December 2019) · CompraMejor.es


A MacBook, for starters, with a 26% discount already marks the world of opportunities that opens before our eyes on laptops, printers, mice, keyboards …

Because Cyber ​​Monday is historically the Monday of the big deals on technology. And although today it offers offers of all Amazon categories, it is still the best day, according to experts, to look for everything that related to computer science, for example, offers us incomparable prices.

It is not a cheap world of laptops. Although very cheap, because there are many levels, qualities, benefits and, of course, prices.

And the first thing we should look at is what we need. Why for the child to do school work and see some videos and some photos, there is a price. AND for university students, depending on the career, others. And for professionals in the world of numbers, others. AND for those who need to program or do things with the image, others more expensive. AND…

We also include in this article printers with very good prices, mice and gaming keyboards, backpacks to carry the laptop.

It is time to anticipate Cyber ​​Monday because nothing guarantees us that these models will continue to be active on Monday.

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