July 29, 2021

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The next November 11th Singles Day or single day will take place in almost the entire world. That if someone does not know is the day of the year with the highest number of sales on the Internet, surpassing even the Black Friday and to Cyber ​​Monday… together!!

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Story of the Single Day

The reason … some people say that it has become fashionable because some consider Singles Day to be the antithesis of Valentine's Day, and that only generates a lot of sympathy.

The reality, which is an impressive assembly of the great competitor of Amazon, Alibaba, which even has a television program that even great Hollywood actors attend.

And the figures … are impressive. Last year Alibaba's Singles Day achieved a sales record of over 22,700 million euros in just 24 hours.

Far above the figures that Amazon got with Black Friday, which last year sold 4,400 million euros, and with Cyber ​​Monday, which had a turnover of more than six billion euros.

The data of the gala that the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma organizes in Shanghai are incredible. Within two and a half minutes of starting the day, Alibaba had already sold a billion dollars !, although helped by the anticipated sales that were activated just 'ring the bell'.

And at some point during the day, 325,000 sales per second were recorded.

All this sales madness enlivened by an impressive television and face-to-face show, with a gala that is broadcast live, is full of stars in the room and has as background a panel in which the sales data are updated in real time.

It's a global show with virtual games, an interactive fashion show … in which, as they say, they sell everything from American sneakers to Korean washing machines and Argentine prawns.

Jack Ma hired to organize and broadcast the Show to David Hill, who had already organized the Super Bowl and the Oscars. And actress Nicole Kidman and tennis player Maria Sharapova, as well as celebrities of the level of Scarlett Johansson or Katy Perry, attended this gala.

During the gala raffles were made in which you could win from 40 million dollars to trips to Antarctica. And as a show of rapid response by the company came to use the bullet trains of Guangdong to distribute bags of products.

Thus they have been able to affirm that the first package of the Singles Day was delivered 12 minutes and 18 seconds after beginning the show.

The best offers of the Day of the Bachelor 2018 of Spain (Single's Day)

When is the Singles day born?

In China in the 90s it was decided to devote a day to celebrate the pride of singles (especially men) but curiously the activities organized for this day were dedicated to them to leave the single. Socialization acts were prepared, and blind dates among other celebrations.

Therefore, it was thought that the most suitable day for this celebration was November 11, 11-11. Because the 'ones' are similar to the lonely bare sticks that represent a tree with fallen leaves in Chinese graphology, and that are usually related to people who do not get married, singles. Hence, the Singles day is also known in China as "naked stick holiday".

The first celebrations began at the University of Nanjing in 1993, and it was a single day focused on students, while now most of the countries of the world are waiting for the arrival of this day to do their Christmas shopping.

From there, from 1993 to 2018, the intentionality of the party has varied a lot. It has gone from being a day dedicated to trying to lose singleness to an anti Valentine's Day … and the great world day of offers.

As it is celebrated?

An important issue of this day, and one that contributes decisively to promoting the frantic pace of purchases, is that in many occasions the offers are of the most substantial, but in a limited number of products. So speed is fundamental.

Experts say that to achieve success in shopping for Singles day, it is best to have the shopping cart ready days before the discounts are applied. So with a single click and without giving time to run out, you will get everything you want at a price much lower than the original.

How many sales did Singles Day have?

We already know the sales data of last year, but to think about what can happen this year … there is more to see the evolution.

In 2013, the Alibaba group sold more than 5,000 million euros. In 2014 they continued to grow and exceeded 8,000 million. Last year they multiplied that figure by three.

Another of the records that every year is trying to beat the Day of the single is the number of participating brands and products on offer. In 2017, 140,000 brands participated, 60,000 of them international, and more than 15 million products were put on sale.

Singles Day 2018

This year on Sunday, November 11 will break all brands. Because the day of the bachelor has ceased to be exclusively Chinese and the West is already prepared to not stop waiting for the succulent offers. Even many stores join to present offers on the internet to shoot their sales on a day when everything seems to encourage the offer and the purchase.

And now it is even easier to respond with agility to offers. Because last year most of the purchases were made from mobile devices and it is expected that the proportion will continue to grow this year.

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