The best Christmas cards to send on Whatsapp – La Provincia

TheChristmas is just around the corner and with it the typical congratulations of friends and family through mobile phones. The next few days will be repeated messages towish happy holidays. In addition, new technologies and messaging applications such asWhatsappthey allow to innovate when choosing the congratulations and to make it as original as possible.

When preparing theChristmas greetingsthere are people of the most traditional, who opt for classic phrases. On the other hand, there are the most daring withfun and original congratulationsof Christmas.

We will stay with the latter and we will select three original and funny phrases to congratulate Christmas.

– "With a shrimp and a mussel I give you a kiss. Merry Christmas with a barnacle and my friendship"

– "But where are you? We are looking for you everywhere. You have to come right away. You are too important, you know very well that you can not do Bethlehem without the donkey. Merry Christmas!"

– "The reindeer, the dwarves, the shepherds of Bethlehem, the mule, the ox, the virgin Mary, St. Joseph, the Baby Jesus, the cousins, the nephews and I wish you Merry Christmas"

In addition to the congratulations of Christmas in text, there are images of the most fun.

The most technological, also have at their disposal a series of 'apps' to congratulate Christmas through WhatsApp. With themyou can create memesas funny as the following.


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