The best children's and youth literature of the year | Babelia

The best children's and youth literature of the year | Babelia

THE OTHER SIDE OF MARY POPPINS. The premiere of the sequel to the mythical film coincides with a claim by the author of the original book, the eccentric P. L. Travers. By Patricia Gosálvez

A VISIT TO GREG'S FATHER. Yolanda Monge interviews Jeff Kinney in his town, Plainville (USA). From there he continues to invent adventures to his popular character, published in 50 languages.

THE BEST CHILDREN AND YOUTH LITERATURE OF 2018. A jury of experts chooses the 16 most outstanding titles for children and adolescents. Blanca Lacasa has read and commented on them.

THE BEST OF THE SPANISH COMIC OF THE YEAR. The comics open new paths: the chroniclers and the avant-garde triumph. Álvaro Pons reviews the novelties of Federico del Barrio, Raúl, María Medem, Kim, Camille Vnnier or Paco Roca.

THE BOOK OF THE WEEK It is also one of the great books of the year: Behave (Captain Swing), biologist and anthropologist Robert Sapolsky, who addresses a scientific study of human aggression tertiary in the debate between the innate and learned. Javier Sampedro comments.

ART. The exhibition Here were the eyes that spoke involved a dialogue between the Leon Foundation Cerezales and its surroundings.

ARCHITECTURE. An analysis of Anatxu Zabalbeascoa on the urban growth of Milan with two poles: the Feltrinelli Foundation, work of Herzog & De Meuron, and the Prada Foundation, designed by OMA (Rem Koolhaas) from the recovery of an old distillery.

THEATER. Julio Manrique directs at the Villarroel in Barcelona L'habitació del costat, by Sarah Ruhl, a sophisticated comedy about female liberation, set in the New York of the late nineteenth. By Marcos Ordóñez.

DEBATE. Daniel Innerarity reflects on the difficulty of writing a history of philosophy trying to recover the contributions of women.


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