The best cheese and goat cake on the Poncelet menu (Madrid)

Madrid, Jul 26 (EFE) .- The best cheese cake in Madrid is eaten in Poncelet and is made with fresh and blue goat cheeses, as determined this Monday by the jury of the first edition of a contest that sought to choose the version most delicious of this dessert that has been imposed on restaurant menus.

Although 20 applicants were presented, only thirteen have participated in the contest organized by the Association of Cooks and Confectioners (Acyre) of Madrid, when complying with the regulations, which included the obligation to use at least two ingredients with the distinctive M Certified Product of the Madrid's community.

The winner of the I Contest for the Best Cheesecake in Madrid has been Carlos Sierra, from the restaurant specialized in Poncelet cheeses, who has used two goat cheeses, fresh and blue, as well as a biscuit and goat butter base. He has presented his proposal with a violet caramel ice cream.

"It is Poncelet's star dessert," the pastry chef assured Efe, for whom the keys to succeeding with this dessert are "to choose the cheeses well and determine very well both the baking and serving temperatures, because it cannot be at all cold nor too hot On the rise of cheesecake, he assures that "it is a fashion that has come to stay."

Pedro Moreno, head of pastry at the Tatel restaurant, has been the second classified with an elaboration based on three cheeses (tender goat, white goat bonbon and cream) that he has accompanied with honeycomb honey, tomato and thyme jam and pesto hazelnut sweet. "The most important thing is to be careful when baking it, in our case 180 degrees for 30 minutes, and the resting time, five hours, to make it creamy."

With soft goat cheese and cream cheese, Lidia del Val, pastry chef at the Hotel Wellington, has made the cake that has given her third place. It also has a thin layer of quince and a hazelnut sablé with lemon thyme, and is accompanied by grapes osmotized in Madrid muscat wine.

Del Val comments that cheese cakes have spread through restaurant menus because "everyone likes them, just like chocolate cakes; they always triumph."

The contest, which was held at the Center for Gastronomic Innovation of the Community of Madrid, has had a jury chaired by the chef Nino Redruello, author of precisely one of the most appreciated cheesecakes in Madrid, which is served in the restaurant Fismuler.


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