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The best cheap bluetooth headphones

For about the price of a couple of summer meals, Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth They are the best decent bluetooth headphones and within reach of all pockets. We are not talking about the best headphones on the market. But yes, most likely, of the best when we move in this price range. Because in the cheap there are also qualities and you can find more than acceptable things within reach of all pockets. And although you can not expect miracles, these are, 'to ears' of several international experts, the best cheap headphones on the market.

Of course we already warned you that we are not going to move in this article in a price range that allows us to speak of a really exceptional sound quality. And if you are thinking about sound quality above all things, go looking for a budget of at least double what we are considering here.

But for these prices you can get quite acceptable qualities, and for a good part of the population it is not easy to pay more to buy a headset. So let's see the best that the market presents to us for those who move in these budgets.

Our favorite

Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Skullcandy Ink'd Microphone, RED / BLACK


AUKEY Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones, 3 EQ Sound Modes, Sweat Resist Design and aptX for iPhone, Samsung, Android Phones, Apple Watch, Echo Dot and more

The best cheap bluetooth headphones
The best cheap bluetooth headphones
Our favorite

Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Skullcandy Ink'd Microphone, RED / BLACK

The best cheap bluetooth headphones

AUKEY Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones, 3 EQ Sound Modes, Sweat Resist Design and aptX for iPhone, Samsung, Android Phones, Apple Watch, Echo Dot and more

The best cheap bluetooth headphones

The rest of headphones analyzed in this comparison:

But we insist, do not forget that the items you can find for these prices are for people not too demanding with the quality of the sound. Users who just want headphones that work well enough and do not cost too much. Enough to listen to podcasts or just hang out, no more.

Because it is important to know that in this price range the vast majority of the money you spend is destined to be wireless, that is, to Bluetooth technology and batteries. This means that manufacturers reduce costs in other areas such as controllers (sound), construction and additional features.

That's why none of the headphones selected in this price range was a success in all facets of the tests. It is very important to keep this in mind when making your purchase decision, because only then can you be happy with what you finally choose.

How we choose the best Bluetooth headphones

When choosing the headphones that were going to be tested to explain how they are and how they work, a fairly reliable formula was used, which is to take into account the opinions that are in Amazon, trying to filter those that smell commercial, which in this segment are not few.

We also rejected brands that did not have customer support and were sold only directly through Amazon, because if something goes wrong you have no one to contact to get warranty assistance.

And between one thing and another, a selection was made with eleven pairs of headphones that looked promising.

First the analysis focused on ease of use, comfort, appearance … sound quality. And it was combined with the price to make a provisional first classification.

Afterwards, the best panel selections were taken and the Bluetooth test was launched. The selected experts spent at least one full day of work with each set. Changing rooms, walking down the street with the phone in the pocket of the clothes, or in the bag … It was to check if there were noticeable connection problems.

We already know that Bluetooth can not travel through water or coarse metal, and since our body is basically made of water, it was immediately noticeable that the headphones maintain their connection better if you put your playback device on the same side of the body as the transmitter Bluetooth, especially outdoors. You could also notice a signal drop if you move away from your device and enter a room with many metal pipes, such as a bathroom.

And after all these analyzes and the necessary combinations, we came to this selection in which several models of a brand appear, for being well classified, although not enough to achieve a good position or a clear recommendation.

The best cheap Bluetooth headphones

Our favorite: Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth

The Skullcandy Ink'd bluetooth headset is a solid choice for most people. The general setting on Ink'd Bluetooth is comfortable, and the necklace is light enough to forget that it is worn around the neck.

Unlike some of the other tested headphones, the strings that go from the Ink'd headphones to the collar do not hit the face or get in the way when the head is turned. The controls on the collar are easy to access and use for calls, volume adjustment, voice commands and toggle tracks forward and backward.

The eight-hour battery life allows it to be used for a full day of work without recharging, and the sound quality is not bad for a low-priced Bluetooth headset. In addition, the collar is flexible, so unlike rigid plastic necklaces that use many headphones of this style, you can fold the Bluetooth Ink'd and store it in a small bag.

The sound in Ink'd Bluetooth is fine. If you are familiar with any other Skullcandy headset, you can expect the same sonic profile you get from most of the company's cheap headphones. If you are already a Skullcandy fan, you already know what you get with Ink'd Bluetooth: many low, but enough so you can clearly hear the voices.

Skullcandy claims to have a Bluetooth range of about nine meters, but depending on the amount of metal he has on his walls or where he keeps his mobile device, the results may vary. In these tests the mobile phone was left on a table and two rooms beyond was heard perfectly, without any sign of falling.

The best cheap bluetooth headphones "width =" 600 "height =" 600 "srcset =" https://spainsnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/1542101472_198_The-best-cheap-bluetooth-headphones-Updated-November-2018-·-CompraMejor.es.jpg 600w, http: // www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Skullcandy_Earphone_INKDBT_S2IKW-K610_11_1100_Angle-300x300.jpg 300w, http://www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Skullcandy_Earphone_INKDBT_S2IKW-K610_11_1100_Angle-150x150 .jpg 150w, http://www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Skullcandy_Earphone_INKDBT_S2IKW-K610_11_1100_Angle-100x100.jpg 100w "sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px

The Ink'd Bluetooth was also used keeping the phone in denim bags, without any problem.

But rather tall people may need to keep their device on the same side as the Bluetooth transmitter, although this is a problem inherent in the technology, and it could not be said to be a specific defect of the Ink'd.

Another advantage of the Bluetooth Ink'd headphones is that they are water resistant, so they can be used whether it is raining or in the gym, although they would not be the first option for those looking for headphones to play sports. Because the necklace can bounce and 'hit' you when you run, or be annoying when you go to do some exercises.

However, it is good to know that some water will not kill them (as long as you completely close the port of the cargo port before using).

Are Skullcandy Ink'd headphones the best headphones we've heard? Absolutely. But they are comfortable, portable and easy to use, and cost less than putting gasoline in the car. And judging by our tests, they could definitely be much worse.


For the Ink'd Bluetooth headset you have to make an important warning: if you have very large ear canals, you probably will not get a stamp with the tips you bring. For some reason, Skullcandy includes only medium and small tips. Anyway, to give you an idea of ​​what that means, who uses big tips in most brands, you can get a good seal with the medium tips. But if you use them between large and extra large, it will not seal the ear canal. We do not know why Skullcandy refuses to include big tips with all his headphones.

It would also be a defect the sound quality of the Ink'd Bluetooth. It is less balanced than would be desirable.

The intensity of the bass can dominate a bit and muddy the range of the lower-middle guitar. In addition, the high frequency range of moderately thick sound can make the strings sound a bit metallic. And if you're making a lot of phone calls, your voice may sound a bit muffled to the person you're calling, in case something on your shirt gets in the way of the collar microphone.

Actually, any selection in other categories will give you a better sound quality than any of the pairs analyzed here. For example, if you really do not need Bluetooth, the wired pair AKG Y20U costs approximately the same as the Bluetooth Ink'd but produces much lighter highs and softer bass.

Runner-up: Aukey Latitude EP-B40

With a decent sound, a sweat-resistant design and a two-year warranty, the EP-B40s are all-terrain resistant to almost everything we have to do on a busy day. From work to training. A great option for anyone looking for neckless headphones. And even more for those who think that the gym or sports can be a regular part of their lives.

And is that if our first selection is exhausted, or if you prefer neckless pads, the Aukey Latitude EP-B40 headphones are comfortable for most ears, easy to use and durable. So they would be the runners-up of this selection of cheap wireless headphones.

These headphones have a two-year warranty, are resistant to sweat and water, and have an eight-hour battery life, so they will help you during the day, no matter what activities you have.

These headphones sound pretty good for the money they cost, and they fit securely and comfortably. In addition, with its IPX4 rating, the Aukey Latitude EP-B40 can withstand a bit of sweat, whether you're running on a treadmill or down the street dressed as short, as if you have to sprint to get to the train.

In addition, the magnets on the headphones allow you to hold the pair around your neck when you are not using it, and the battery life will cover you the day before you need to recharge.

The Latitude EP-B40 comes with two sizes of removable rubber stabilizer wings and three sets of tips, which except in exceptional cases, are more than enough for all audiences to achieve a secure fit. The controls are easy to access and use, so you can play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume and answer calls effortlessly.

The best cheap bluetooth headphones "width =" 1280 "height =" 720 "srcset =" https://spainsnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/1542101472_218_The-best-cheap-bluetooth-headphones-Updated-November-2018-·-CompraMejor.es.jpg 1280w, http://www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Aukey-Latitude-EP-B40-300x169.jpg 300w, http://www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017 /12/Aukey-Latitude-EP-B40-768x432.jpg 768w, http://www.compramejor.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Aukey-Latitude-EP-B40-1024x576.jpg 1024w "sizes = "(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px

They really sound decent enough for the price they have. In the standard configuration, there is an extra intensity in the treble that gives the 's' sounds a whistling quality, but it is not offensive, and the overall listening experience is good. If you do not like standard sound, you can access two other EQ settings by pressing the multi-function button on the remote control quickly twice while the music is playing.

The bass-boost setting makes everything sound like it's under a blanket while with the treble boost, the music sounds like we're listening to a shabby little speaker.

In addition, the Latitude EP-B40 come with a two-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.

Why were not the Latitude EP-B40 the first of this selection? Because the cable can pull when the head turns, and that can be very irritating. And because some people may notice that the design of the wings is fatiguing for a consistent listening for hours. The quality of the sound is more sibilant than that of the winning headphones, and in the phone calls, although the sound is really very clear, the voice may sound a bit small for the speaker.

Therefore, despite the versatility of these headphones, their defects were enough to place the EP-B40 in second place.

All those who have heard them agree that the treble sounds too 'sizzling' and the media too embedded to make the iBFree pleasant to listen to. In addition, the hard plastic stem on the bottom of each earphone can prick your cheek.

The rest of the finalists

Curve Anker SoundBuds

While the shape of the headphones is quite comfortable, the cable that connects them is too long and quickly becomes annoying. The quality of the sound is not something that makes them especially attractive, with a blurry and muddy bass that you will hear as if you were sitting on the subwoofer itself.

Other versions, however, consider that for someone who likes very intense bass, SoundBuds Life offers a lot. The downside is that they sound so direct that they also tend to hide the guitar and the male voice, although on the positive side you have to consider that they do not vibrate. The treble, on the other hand, is rather thick.

But if you want a non-flexible neckband shape, the SoundBuds Lite is a good alternative.

If we took the Slim version of these headphones we would observe sensible differences. For example, that in this model has no bass, and the treble in the range of strings have a severe edge. The Slim + pair has aptX capabilities, but digital decoding does not change the setting or drivers. In addition, the water resistance is not as strong as it should be in a crossover plug.

iFrogz Flex Force

These headphones are not a bad option, although they are not as good as the main selections. The larger ear canals have difficulty sealing, but most people can achieve a comfortable fit, and although the sound quality is not surprising, it is not terrible either. And if you like the design …

Scosche BT100

But the reality is that almost everything about these headphones is terrible. The remote control is huge and is located behind your head, so you must reach behind your neck to adjust the volume, change lanes, etc. The sound is too sibilant in the highs, while the bass is blurry. As one of the analysts said, "my favorite part of these headphones is that they have an off switch."

Brainwavz BLU-100

The design of these headphones comes out of the ears, and people with larger ear canals will have a hard time getting them sealed. Although the wings help to stabilize, the weight of the shoots that are dragged down makes the BLU-100 uncomfortable fast enough. The truth is that in these tests, his sibilant sounds, a click in the middle and a muted bass gave this set an artificial sound that nobody liked.

The Brainwavz BLU-Delta version sounds pretty decent, although it has a peak frequency of around 3 kHz that can be fatiguing for most people. The real reason why it is not among the favorites is because the shape of the handset, the shape of the silicone tip and the weight of the remote control / transmitter, combine to slowly remove the headphones from the ear canals.

iClever ICBTH01

The ICBTH01 headphones were placed in the middle of this classification. With a metallic edge to the maximum that is annoying. And there is a division of opinions in terms of comfort, which caused that although half liked, the other half prevented their selection.

The iClever XFree Mini BTH30 version provides a comfortable fit and a lightweight cable, but with a strange sound. The frequency response had so many unequal peaks and valleys that it is difficult to describe how strange it was. The effect was completely unpleasant and confusing, as if a small child was playing with a lot of EQ noises.

Paww DualSound

This pair was slightly out of our price range, and went out of the race for three reasons. First is the widget on the cable, which has a clip but is still difficult to handle. The second is the adjustment, which feels unstable in smaller ear canals. And third, by the higher frequencies, which dominate male voices. Defective design + defective sound = no.

iFrogz Charisma Wireless

As with some of the other iFrogz options tested for the occasion, he liked the design very much, but the sound quality was not up to the standards of the other headphones. The bass sounds a little fuzzy, while the voices come out rather silent. It is not terrible, but neither is it remarkable.


The design of the headphones is ridiculously huge. Everyone in our panel found this pair uncomfortable, and that affected the adjustment. As a result, sound opinions varied from "not bad" to "square and metallic at the same time". And the bass sounded like it came from a wet cardboard box. It's too risky, and we think you have better options.

iFrogz Impulse Duo

Despite our attempts to use several tips, the strange shape of these headphones creates an unstable adjustment that possibly affects the quality of the sound, since it gives the feeling that they sound cheap, with minimum highs and lows. There are other options that fit and sound better.


If you can seal these headphones, the bass is immense. Overwhelming. In fact, in hip-hop, EDM and anything with a bass line already driven, the M9B actually sounds overloaded and rattles. Although the design is ideal for smaller ear channels, the heavy bass sound was too much for our panel, even for bass lovers.

iFrogz Impulse Wireless

The Christmas tree-shaped tips will not seal many medium or large ear canals, which will cause the entire bass response to be lost. We would love the design, but only if the tips fit.

Aukey EP-E1

While the EP-E1 headphones are quite comfortable, the sibilant sound makes it not bearable for too long for most people. They do not give for much more analysis.

iFrogz Plugz Wireless

Again division of opinions. And the negatives accused them of having too many basses or being too small. And with only half the votes in favor is not a matter of advising them.

iHome iB29

This pair was muddy, muffled and sounded distant, with a strange sibilant tang in the sounds of the consonants. Nobody was betting on this model.

JAM Micro Buds Sport

The tips of the headphones feel like they are coming out of the ear canal slowly. The sound quality is medium. The drums sound somewhat plastic, and the highs are thick. Comfort Buds are not terrible, but we would be happier if they cost closer to 30 euros.

Skullcandy Jib Wireless

The Bluetooth transmitter is large and hangs behind your neck, pulling on the headphones. Skullcandy includes only two tip sizes, so people with larger ear canals have no luck, and those with medium channels can find that the weight of the transmitter makes these headphones look as if they were going to fall at any time. To make things worse, in our tests, the drums sounded lifeless and the very low notes had a strange quality.

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