October 27, 2020

The best Black Friday getaways from VIAJAR

This new agency always starts from the cheapest price so that the traveler can, if he wishes, add changes in flight schedules, improvements in selected hotels or hire services such as airport transfers or experiences and excursions on demand. A way of traveling that becomes even more attractive with the offers that the agency has prepared for Black Friday and of which TRAVEL recommends this selection.



Reykjavik and Northern Lights

Iceland is a land of extremes: here volcanoes and glaciers, fire and ice coexist naturally. The capital of Iceland is the main point of arrival on the island and departure to explore it. Everything is within reach of the Hringvegur, Highway No. 1, which serves to go around the island. The nightlife of the Icelandic capital is famous for its entertainment and between October and March it is the best time to go hunting for the northern lights.

Departures from Barajas

€ 449

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The world capital of music

Huge and luxurious palaces, some of the great temples of world music, fundamental museums, original and avant-garde architecture, golden statues in the parks, the evocative Danube river, vineyards and wineries … The Austrian capital represents one of those places where every lover Beauty always wants to return.

Christmas getaway to Vienna

Departures from Barajas

€ 240

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To everyone's taste

It is worth visiting at any time of the year. The capital of Denmark retains an overwhelming personality and satisfies the tastes of any traveler. As a good commercial capital, it is impossible to resist the immense catalog of products that show both their traditional stores and the modern shopping centers opened in recent years. Oh, and it's perfect for cycling.

Copenhagen Christmas Getaway

€ 176

Departure Madrid

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Medieval charm

Born from the tenacity of man to unite islands around Lake Mälaren, the Swedish capital retains the charm of an old medieval neighborhood without renouncing the new architecture. It combines cutting-edge design and young people passionate about rock, but also old anglers on their bridges. Stadsholmen Island, which gives its name to the city and is currently known as Gamla Stan, It houses one of the best preserved medieval neighborhoods in the world, with narrow cobbled alleyways and houses whose walls have been arched by the passage of time and humidity. The typical Christmas Market is mounted on the Stortorget square.

Christmas getaway to Stockholm

€ 182

Departure Barcelona

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The magic capital

The City of One Hundred Towers, the Golden City, the heart of Europe … Prague has the largest urban center of the Old Continent inscribed in the World Heritage Site by Unesco and is a capital that leaves no one indifferent to nadi. Formed over ten centuries on both banks of the Vltava River, between two castles, in winter their visit is even more intoxicating, and there are also fewer tourists. In a 48 or 72 hour getaway you can see almost everything: the astronomical clock, the Hrad castle, the Charles bridge, the Jewish quarter, the Old Town square, the New City, the Wenceslas square …

Christmas getaway to Prague

Departure Barcelona

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The country of the smile

Exotic but at the same time accessible, the country of the smile gathers paradisiacal corners, ancient temples, leafy mountains and exquisite cuisine. That is why it is one of the destinations most appreciated by the Spanish. The capital, Bangkok, always fascinates, and is the starting point to explore the rest of the country. Consult the possibility of excursions in elephant and do not forget to locate on the map its paradisiacal islands and beaches, with Phuket in the lead.

Discover Thailand: Bangkok and Phuket

Departures from Madrid

€ 858

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The new Europe

One of the most peculiar destinations in Europe, little known but offering an abundance of attractive sites, both mountain and beach. Their culture mixes Orthodox churches with their bearded popes with mosques and veiled women. With an area barely superior to that of the region of Murcia and a population inferior to that of the city of Zaragoza, Montenegro is a surprising destination.

Discover Montenegro

€ 199

Departure Barcelona

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Mediterranean dream

A place to dream. In the main of the Balearic Islands the sun's rays make their waters shine, transparent and always calm. Its protected natural sites provide stays to enjoy the Mediterranean way of life, where everyone is welcome and the true meaning of the good life is known. And there are few moments comparable to its sunsets, where dunes, sky and sea are dyed an intense orange, pink, violet color.

Weekend in Mallorca

Departure Madrid

€ 121

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Eternal and trendy

The Eternal City is transformed in these dates to live intensely the arrival of the new year and the Christmas festivities. History, art and religion go hand in hand in a capital where airs of change and renewal have proliferated in recent years. Many bars, venues, restaurants and other meeting points have been renovated that have made the city of the Colosseum one of the most trendy and gourmet destinations of the 21st century.

Weekend in Rome

€ 139

From Madrid

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The new from Manhattan

The Big Apple is now more fashionable than ever with the recent opening, last spring, of the new Hudson Yards neighborhood, between 30th and 34th streets and 10th and 11th avenues and connecting to the elevated High Line park. In its thousands of square meters of leisure, the Little Spain Market stands out, which, together with chef José Andrés and the Ferran brothers and Alber Adrià, offers all the best of Spanish cuisine. There are few experiences comparable to a Christmas in New York.

€ 545

Departure Madrid

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