July 9, 2020

The best Apple games and apps of 2019

Apple announced Monday its best games and applications of 2019 at an event held in a two-story apartment in the New York neighborhood of Tribeca.

In a relaxed atmosphere, with music, soft and warm lighting and drinks and canapés, the winners of the nine award-winning categories explained the most outstanding features of their winning applications.

FOR THE iPhone

The American company chose from its application store the game "Sky: Children of the Light" as the best entertainment of the year for your phone because: "Few games convey the excitement of discovery, flight and collaboration as this innovative title."

Among the applications, of course, a photo editor, "Specter Camera", has been imposed this year, which plays with the effects of the movement, as one of its founders Sebastian de With explains to Efe.

This application lengthens the exposure time of the camera, allowing you to play with the effects, make cars or people "disappear" from photographs or literally draw words in the wind.


The Spanish publisher and game developer "Abylight" has been awarded the best game for the Apple tablet by "Hyper Light Drifter", the adventure of a sick player in search of a cure for his disease in a dystopian world.

"It's the story of a 'drifter', a tramp who is seriously ill and needs to find a cure for his illness," explains Abylight's executive director Eva Gaspar, who points out that the program pays tribute to the old games of pixel

Gaspar says that the theme is connected with its creator, Alex Preston, who is the creative director of Heart Machine, game developer and located in Los Angeles (USA), and that as the protagonist, he is also sick.

"He has heart disease, in fact he had to be here today and he could not for health reasons," says Gaspar.

The executive director adds that they were responsible for adapting the game to the Apple platform and publishing it.

For its part, the most outstanding application of the year for the iPad, "Flow by Moleskine", is aimed at drawing fans and allows the tablet to become a palette of draftsman "in which you can access everything you can need quickly and easily, "says designer Benjamin Hamey.

Hamey shows how on the same screen, the user has direct access to the different types of pencils, pens and colors "without having to access them by clicking on any option".

For Apple, this application offers “the elegance of Moleskine's notebook in digital format”.


Gris, the game of the Spanish developer Nomada Studio, has won the award for the best 2019 game for Apple computers.

"An indie game", as described by Efe the promotion director of Nomada, David Ricard, in which the user does not lose in his adventure to leave behind the five states of grief: "denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance ".

Ricard also emphasizes that music plays a leading role in history, which "reflects the internal fear when we go through these states of growing emotionally."

The prize for the application for the big screen of the Apple family has fallen, for its part, in Affinity Publisher, an application developed by "Serif Labs" and focused on the edition of magazines, books and all kinds of graphic design.


The great technology company also selected the game "Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap" and the application "The Explorers", which offers videos and photographs in 4K quality from around the world, as the best initiatives of its 2019 store.

His last prize, dedicated to the Arcade category went to the game "Sayonara Wild Hearts", marked by speed on the back of a motorcycle or a flying skateboard, where obstacle courses are mixed with dance and life fighting to dead.


Apple has also wanted to honor, but without choosing any over another, the applications that have created a trend this year, which have aroused the interest of a large number of users of the American brand.

Among them there are two focused on photo editing to group and hang them on the different social networks.

One of them is Unfold, created by the Spanish Alfonso Cobo, and which, as he explains to Efe, "is a popular application that already has more than 26 million users."

"It allows users to create stories on social networks through different templates, inspired by different designs," he says.

The other is Typic 2, by Colombians Julián and Steve Urrego and Margarita Acosta, who have been developing it since 2013 and has already been downloaded 6 million times, according to Efe.

"Our application is a photo editor, it's like having a graphic designer in your pocket, an application to communicate," says Acosta, who qualifies it as "really complete."

Among the games that have marked the trend in 2019, Apple has highlighted this year several "original versions" of old games such as Mario Kart Tour, Minecraft Earth, Pokémon Masters or Assassin's Creed Rebellion and that "have given new life to the most beloved franchises in the story of the game. "

But some devices, such as the Apple watch, have run out of awards in this 2019 edition, as Abylight executive director Eva Gaspar tells Efe, while showing on her wristwatch a game they have designed.

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