March 5, 2021

The best announcements of the Christmas Lottery of the last years, Lotera Navidad 2018

The best announcements of the Christmas Lottery of the last years, Lotera Navidad 2018

If there is something that characterizes the draw of theChristmas lottery and everything that surrounds it, those are the announcements that every year share Bills and State Bets. Throughout the last 20 years, some 'spots' have been seen on television and are remembered by the audience. For example, how to forget the popular 'Calvo' or the carol played by several famous singers in 2013? Next, we review the advertising pieces of the 'Gordo'.

Announcement of 2017: The love story of an extraterrestrial and a terrcola

An extraterrestrial and a terrola star in the announcement of 2017. A "Christmas story" oflove "magic" entitled 'Danielle'which the director signsAlejandro AmenbarThis is a science fiction story that combines daily life with extraordinary elements, explains the director, who also says that with this 'spot' that lasts 20 minutes and you have three parts that are those that are broadcast on television, They pretend to remind us that luck has to do with love and not with money.

2016 announcement: The town joins to maintain the illusion of Carmina

In the announcement of 2016 you see how all the people come together to keep alivethe illusion of Carmina, a retired teacher who, after listening to her number on TV, thinks that she has touched the 'Gordo'. The 'spot' shows that the real joy of this date is in sharing the prize with yours. And the joy of this teacher is such that it infects her grandson, his son, his family and all the villagers who share his happiness with her because, they say in the ad, she "deserves everything."

2015 announcement: Justin and the maniques factory

In 2015, the announcement touched everyone's heart thanks to its animation and its beautiful melody. The story explained how a security guard of a factory of maniques, that despite not matching the rest of his staff for the night shift always had details with them, receivesthe best gift of his companions: you have reserved a winning ticket.

2014 announcement: The biggest prize is to share it

In 2014, the Lotera was presented with a story of the most human directed by the filmmakerSantiago Zannou.Manuel lives in a working class neighborhood of a big city and decides to go down to his bar, where he has played the 'Gordo' and he has not bought a tenth. A script of the most emotional with which it is almost impossible that a tear does not fall at the end of the announcement, because as it says:"The biggest prize is to share it."

2013 announcement: The Christmas song

The announcement of 2013, led byPablo Berger, was starringMontserrat Caball, Raphael, Bustamante, Marta Snchez and Nia Pastori. "Christmas already has its song, played by the best voices in Spain, singing along with the tree of the Lotera, in a story told without words by Pablo Berger", as presented by Loteras and State Betting the 'spot' shot in Pedraza (Segovia).

2012 announcement: Repeats 'The Factory of Dreams'

For the announcement of 2012 they repeated the agency Gray and the subject: 'The Factory of Dreams' The 'spot' was filmed in Madrid and surrounding areas and thanks to the post-production work he offered an ad that promised, one year more, spectacularity and a lot of magic.

Ad of 2011: 'The Factory of Dreams'

The agency Gray Spain will be in the2011 campaignbetting on the 'Factory of the Dreamsand ending, in passing, the work of Ricardo Prez Asociados and his promising goddess Fortuna of the previous installment. The protagonists were the children, who, in a world of fantasy, make the dreams of the players of the Lottery come true thanks to a magic factory where the tenants deposited. The 'spot' was recorded in Latvia.

Ad of 2010: 'We play?'

The goddess Fortuna made her appearance in the 2010 campaign in a bright and colorful 'spot'. The announcement is for a format thatevokes the stories of childhoodand where the lady, personification of the Lottery, distributes a rain of millions.

Announcement of 2009: 'There are many Christmases, but they are all here'

The announcement of 2009 taught usall types of Christmasthat exist: the family, the snow, the traveler, the sunny, the excited, the dream … However, the 'spot' highlighted that all were present in the Lottery.

2008 announcement: 'At Christmas we are all a little more human'

Despite the crisis or perhaps because of it, the agency Ricardo Prez Asociados decided to move away from nostalgia and the past and to bet on aadvertisement full of optimism and happiness.

2007 announcement: 'Luck belongs to everyone'

The campaign of 2007 apost for bringing a less fantastical Christmas with the slogan 'The luck is of all' The protagonists of the 'spot' belong to different social groups and invited the solidarity and participation of those from home and those who come from outside, in a guide to immigrants.

With alternative music and special effects that gave life to urban objects, those responsible returned to the fray trying to overcome the nostalgia for the 'Bald'. Lionel Neykov, an unknown singer discovered through My Space, put the lyrics of the 'spot'.

2006 announcement: 'It's what it touches'

Ennio Morriconeputs the music to the announcement of 2006, which will be remembered for being the first without the 'Bald' of the Bundle. In particular the song was'Tot e Alfredo', belonging to the soundtrack of the film'cinema Paradiso'

The first ad without the silent character ofClive Arrindellrecover, that's the word. The agency Ricardo Prez Asociados apostles to exalt the Christmas customs with the participation of many characters in search of an illusion and the slogan:"It's what it touches".

Announcement from 1998 to 2005: 'El balvo de la lotera'

The Christmas lottery became very popular when the 'Calvo' appeared for the first time on screen distributing magic all by 1998. The 'spot' was so successful that until 2005 there was no other protagonist.Clive Arrindell, the British actor who gave life to 'Bald of the Lotera', I signed an exclusivity clause with Bills and Bets of the State that prevented him from appearing in any other audiovisual production between 1998 and 2005.

In the campaigns of these years, the 'Calvo' distributes magic in black and white with a musical background of 'The coffee of students', Maurice Jarre, included in the soundtrack of the'Doctor Zhivago' The ads, which bear the signature of the agency Publicis Espaa, end with the phrase 'Every Christmas, your dreams play the lottery' and the motto 'May luck be with you'


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