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In these years when almost everyone has a mobile phone and is used by a large number of hours a day, society is technologically divided between the two major operating systems.Android (Google)and iOS (Apple) virtually monopolize the market, installed on almost all of the smartphones available in the market.

With iOS as a closed and exclusive system of the Apple brand, Android is the one that is present in most ofmodels of other manufacturers. If you have one of them, there may be many features that you have discovered and that you are using on a daily basis. However, others are more hidden and few users know them. In case you are one of them, we reveal several potentialities that you have at your fingertips and that can turn your use and enjoy the phone into an even fuller experience.

1. The easiest ‘zoom’

You probably use the classic ‘pinch’ gesture with two fingers to zoom in and separate these same fingers to zoom out. But you should know that there is an easier possibility to perform these operations with just one of your fingers.

Press on the screen with your index (or with the finger that is most comfortable for you) twice in a row and quickly, and then keep it on the screen. Move up if you want to reduce the size of what is shown (zoom out) and down to expand (zoom in). Do you find it easy? Now it is you who chooses which of the two ‘zoom’ modes you prefer.

2. Take advantage of Google Assistant

Fame takes herSirion iPhone or evenAlexaon Amazon devices, but with all Android phones you have an assistant, without a media name, but that offers you a significant amount of options at your fingertips with both text and voice.

Integrated with all the applications of the Google universe, you can check any event on your calendar, ask for traffic or other details ofMaps, take advantage of your contacts calendar to make calls or control the gadgets of your home Google Home or Google Nest with its various home automation features, in addition, of course, to search the largest and most used Internet search engine.

Try saying ‘OK Google‘and the device will activate itself. From there, try asking the assistant things or giving any of the commands you can think of. You will discover a wide world of possibilities that you might not know you had.

3. Default applications

There are several possibilities that will make access to your most used apps even easier, faster and easier. Through the configuration-applications part of the settings of your phone you can customizegesturesUse your fingers or keys to access a specific app in quick mode.

In addition, you can also configure certain applications to be those chosen by default to perform certain activities. For example, you have the option that the default chat is theFacebook Messenger, That you can check the messages with any of the applications that allow it instead of the one that is initially installed.

4. Retrieve notifications

Have you discarded a notification without reading it well or want to remember what it said? Your Android phone has a choice ofnotification log,which you can access by creating a specific widget on your home screen.

InWidgets – Configuration ShortcutYou have this option, which you can drag and drop on your main screen and that allows you to access the mentioned register in a simple way in addition to many other settings. Now you will have all your notifications within easy reach … even if you have slipped them the moment they arrived.

5. Quick change of application

Are you using two apps simultaneously? Now, switching between them is easier than ever. For a few years (specifically, since the arrival ofAndroid Nougatin 2016), if you press the button of recent applications twice consecutively (it is usually represented with a square at the bottom of your screen, next to the start and back ‘) your phone will return to the previous application you had open .

In a very short time, this option has become, together with the split screen, one of the most useful when performing work for which it is usually necessary to combine the use of several smartphone functions.

6. Send your screen to television

TheChromecastIt has become popular in recent years as a cheap and reliable device for sending mobile content to a television. Almost all streaming applications (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Movistar + …) and many other themes (Spotify …) already include this possibility. But you should keep in mind that anything you see on the screen of your device is likely to move to your TV.

The ‘send screen’ option is available asAndroid Castingin the most recent versions of this operating system. In addition, with the Google Home app you only have to select the Chromecast you want to send your screen to see it projected easily and with just ‘lag’.

7. The smart unlock

The function of ‘smart lock‘It is already present in all Android phones, but there are not many users who use it. It allows you to configure trusted places where you can make unlocking your phone easier without the need for passwords or patterns.

Very useful for when you are at home, or even in your workplace, the device will detect that you are in a safe place and will not ask you to unlock when using it. Easier, impossible.


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