Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

The Bernabu function as a supply center for medical devices – La Provincia

The Real Madrid Club, in collaboration with the Higher Council of sports, has launched a project for the provisioning and distribution of sanitary supplies strategies aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. “Thanks to the close collaboration of these two institutions, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium will become a space adapted to store donations of sanitary supplies intended to fight this pandemic, “the CSD reported in a statement.

All this material will be delivered to the Spanish health authorities, under the authority of the State Government, so that you can “make optimal and efficient use of these resources, which are so necessary in the face of the current health emergency.”

In addition, the white club will provide entities and companies with the possibility of send to this center the financial donations or the material they deem appropriate deliver to the Ministry of Health. This mechanism will be complementary to those that the Government can activate for similar solidarity purposes.

The Ministry of Health will be, through the mechanisms that are already in operation and always under the supervision of the main center for health supplies located in the Madrid town of Valdemoro, responsible for assigning donations to the neediest centers and entities.

The coordination telephone number of this center for the provision of medical supplies in the Santiago Bernabéu is 900 100 688 and you can also contact the following email: [email protected]. Likewise, the following current account of the Foundation has been enabled Real Madrid for donations: ES17 2100 5731 7802 0032 0934 (Caixabank).


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